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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Anal's Validation with her son Smayan through Pauline Mason

Anal's Validation with her son Smayan through Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 12
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Pauline Mason graciously donated time for a gallery reading for our Helping Parents Heal India family in January. My son Smayan never comes up in gallery readings- he is too shy to publicly come up! I had not built any hopes of having him come up.

Nonetheless, as a co-admin I joined the meeting in time and as Pauline started the readings, the first child to come up was my son. i was flabbergasted as she started describing a beautiful, male child, died of sepsis, very naughty and energetic.

Immediately I knew in my heart that it was him. She talked of his favourite soft toy, his love for sports, animals, my mother and my husband's grandfather in spirit who invariably turn up in all readings saying they are taking care of him. A mother's heart always knows her child's energy and it was unmistakably him! I was shedding happy tears as Pauline brought him around. It was an ethereal experience - especially because I never expected my publicly taciturn Smayan to pop up in a gallery reading. I am sure, he loved Pauline and couldn't resist sharing his love for me through her.

Thank you so much Pauline. Immense gratitude

~Love, Anal

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