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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Beth Scott's Validation from her son Wyatt through Fara Gibson

Beth Scott's Validation from her son Wyatt through Fara Gibson

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

On January 15th I had the pleasure of attending the monthly meeting of Helping Parents Heal with my daughter. We were so excited to see Fara Gibson in person, and she did not disappoint!

We were amazed right off the bat with her first reading, then the second reading!  If those were the only two readings we got to witness, it would have been worth the hour drive to see her.  Like you always say, “A reading for one is a reading for all of us”. 

As Fara started to do her third reading, she went behind the podium to hand out boxes of Kleenex, and made a joke about instead of passing around a joint, she is now passing around boxes of tissue. I had a feeling right then that my Wyatt was going to come through.  I’m sure he appreciated Fara’s sense of humor, and the pot reference was just the beginning.  Fara said that she felt like she was skateboarding, and my daughter and I knew right away this was for us!  My Grandson Eli is a very good 8-year-old skateboarder, and takes lessons every week.  Wyatt and Eli were very close, and Wyatt wanted us to know he is with Eli still cheering him on!  Fara was very specific about the place Eli takes lessons, saying it wasn’t just an ordinary skate park – this is true.  Fara said that Eli was one of three – this is true, he is one of his brother Cody’s three children. 

Fara mentioned that I was holding a necklace that belonged to Wyatt, which I was – it was clenched in my fist and I don’t believe she could have seen it.  Then she said that I was wearing Wyatt, and to turn it over.  I was wearing a charm made from his ashes and I don’t think she could have seen that either because I was wearing one of Wyatt’s jackets, the charm was flipped over.  She also said that there’s more – the ring I was wearing also is made from his ashes.  She then said there’s still more on other people.  My daughter Josie, who was with me, was wearing the same ring and charm as me – both in silver.  Fara said there is more, but from someone who isn’t here with us today, and this ring is a different color.  My other daughter Taylor has a ring made from his ashes, but it is in gold. 

Fara then perfectly described Wyatt’s struggles leading up to his passing, and how the doctors had him on so many different medications, and how they kept switching medications, and how the dosage was never right, and how even though he passed by his own hand, it was the medications that was the cause.  – All true statements.

Fara perfectly described my daughter Josie’s “WyWy Shelf” hanging in her home.  She said there was some of Wyatt’s artwork displayed right next to some artwork that belonged to Josie.  Later, we realized the artwork he referred to as hers was a caricature that was done of Wyatt, Josie, Josie’s husband Shane, and Josie’s daughter Lyla.  Fara said that she sees a “critter” that Wyatt had drawn.  This was the “Lowtle” that Wyatt had drawn when he was in rehab.  His assignment was to take this personality test and the results corresponded to a certain animal.  His results were a Lion, Owl and Turtle.  Josie texted her husband to take a picture of the “critter” Fara had seen, and after the meeting we showed Fara the picture.  Fara said yes, that was exactly what she had seen. 

I can’t put into words how much Fara helped our whole family with the reading she gave us that day. Everything she said was so completely spot on, and evidence to us all that our beloved Wyatt is still with us!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything you do and thank you Fara for the gift you share with us. 

Sincerely, Beth and Josie Scott

Please watch Fara Gibson's Gallery Reading on January 15th by clicking here.

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