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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Evolved Souls Don't Need Long Earthly Experiences April 2023

Evolved Souls Don't Need Long Earthly Experiences April 2023

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Experiences 
April 2023
Dr. Mark Pitstick

To all family members, I am very sorry about the death of your child’s human form.  However, I’m glad you are learning that – except for the earthly body – he or she is alive, happy, peaceful, and wants you to be the same.  I'm also happy that you are learning how to heal and transform despite this seeming tragedy.  Six key understandings to making that shift are:

     1. Approximately 99% of who and what your child “was” is still alive in the next phase of life.  This is true no matter how they passed on.  See articles #1 and 60 at for a review of the scientific and clinical evidence for this statement.  For more information, see my short and easy-to-read book The Afterlife Evidence.  

     2. Only his earthly body died.  Everything else continues – the love, energy, sense of humor, memory, personality, energetic body, and much more.  Really knowing this is a key to healing.  
     3. She is happy, peaceful, loving, and enthusiastic – and wants you to be that way now too. Read article #2 When a Child Changes Worlds and #93 For Bereaved Parents and Family Members to learn how you can do that.  

     4. You will see him when you pass on and can enjoy a different kind of relationship now.  To learn more about how you can do this, see article #9 Visit With ‘Departed’ Loved Ones Now

     5. You can choose to transmute your grief into a spiritually transformative experience that 
powerfully improves your life and blesses others.  See article #82 Journey from 'Bereaved' to 'Shining Light' 

     6. You can heal and increase the gifts from his life by lovingly serving others.  Read article #84 Heal and Transform Your Suffering
After a child changes worlds, family members understandably feel much pain, sadness, anger, guilt, and other lower energy emotions.   No one could or should ever judge that.  However, many have learned to emphasize #1 – 6 above and enjoy life again.  They have journeyed – one step at a time – FROM primarily identifying as bereaved TO shining light persons.   

Shining light family members have sad feeling too at times, but they choose to focus – as much as possible – on appreciation for great times and memories, realization they will see their child again, and transformation by finding the silver linings.  They resolve to make the world a better place in honor of their children by creating more meaning to their life and passing.  

You can do the same.  It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible with small steps day by day.  To learn more, see article #2 at  Here are five action steps . . . 

•    Attend local and online Helping Parents Heal meetings

•    Contact The Caring Listeners to talk with at no charge  

•    Read free articles at and take relevant action steps  

•    Listen to free Radio Shows at and experts' answers to life’s toughest questions including “Why do children die?”  

•    Lean on others as needed.  Later, when you are doing better, you can help others.  

Q: My son was such a bright light and only 16 when he was killed in a car accident.  I've seen some of the evidence that life goes on after death, but I’m still terrified that there's nothing.  How can I know for certain that I will see him again? I'm trying to have faith but it's very difficult.  Please know that you’re literally saving lives and helping others find a better and more purposeful life. 

A: Thank you for your great question and kind comments.  This is one of the most common questions I receive from parents around the world.  I answered it in last month's newsletter, but here are more resources for knowing that death is not a 'good-bye' . . . it's a 'see you later'.  

See article #113 How Can I Know FOR SURE That Life Continues After Death? to learn 7 ways to know without a doubt that you will see him again.  

You mentioned having faith.  That's important, especially if you have a home church and/or spiritual center / practice that works for you.  Many people have found that a three-part foundation helps them know and show that life and love are forever. (Relevant articles listed.) 

1. Faith: #16 Evidence-Based Spiritual Teachings 

2. Evidence-Based Knowledge: #1 Scientific Evidence That Bodily Death Is NOT the End of Life   #60 Clinical Evidence That Life Continues After Physical Death   #115 Firsthand Experience Evidence for Life After Death

3. Firsthand Experience: #6 Evidential Mediums   #9 Visiting 'Departed' Loved Ones Now  

My Facilitated After-Death Communication Technique is available on the HPH website.  You can use it to improve your perceptions of your son and other beloved ones who are still very near despite changing worlds.  

To you and all parents, read this information and use approaches that resonate with you for 90 days.  Let me know if you have any questions or blocks about this.  

Hugs, love, and blessings as you heal, transform, and remember the big picture of life! 

~ Mark

Notes: I will email brief but informative replies to questions from any bereaved parent or family member at no charge.  Email me at and I'll reply quickly.  I mention my audio products and books so you have resources for healing and transformation.  Email me if you need, but cannot afford any products, and we’ll send a complimentary digital copy.   

Disclaimer: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on fifty years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and chiropractic holistic health practice.  Some of his statements are supported by clinical and scientific data while others are based on experiential evidence and his best current understandings.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, counselor with a masters in clinical psychology, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop / webinar teacher.  Mark also completed extensive postgraduate training in clinical nutrition.  While attending theology school majoring in pastoral counseling, he provided suicide prevention counseling and education.  Mark directs The SoulPhone Foundation, founded Greater Reality Living groups, and assists SoulPhone Project research for the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.  His mission is to help you know and show that – no matter what is happening to you or around you – this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.  Visit for free articles, radio shows, and newsletters.  

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