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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Candy Jackson's Validation from her daughter Amber through Michelle Leray

Candy Jackson's Validation from her daughter Amber through Michelle Leray

  • Posted
    • Oct
    • 14
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Clockwise from left: Amber in yellow, Michelle Leray, Candy and Amber, Amber's blonde hair

I attended the HPH Zoom meeting on October 12, 2023 where Michelle LeRay was the featured guest doing gallery readings. The accuracy with which Michelle began to receive my daughter Amber in spirit was exact. So much so, that you could see how painful it was for Michelle to realize the tragedy of how Amber passed. Michelle had complete clarity and understanding of the details but was extremely careful not to reveal anything that would upset me or effect any potential legal proceedings.

Her pinpoint validations continued one after another.

Michelle picked up the essence of Amber's personality to a 'T'. She described Amber as if she had known her all of her life, as if she was one of Amber's closest friends. She described her liveliness in such a way that I could feel Amber's continued aliveness. She highlighted the ways in which Amber most loved to be seen, as someone who always spoke her truth, as someone who always protected the under served, as someone who did not care what others thought and had conviction in her purpose, as someone who could command the attention of an entire room yet make sure every person in that room was seen and heard. I loved the way Michelle saw my daughter. There was not one "well that doesn't fit". I don't think I've ever had a reading where there was this much accuracy, especially in a gallery reading where the Medium has only a few minutes and so many on the other side standing by.

Michelle also described the relationship I had with Amber perfectly. From our banter, our playfulness, her loving advice to brighten up my space (yes with yellow...always with yellow) and the affection we had with each other. 

This short reading was a powerful love letter from my daughter. It came at the perfect time as well. I had decided to make a commitment to be of service to HPH. I knew that Amber came through Michelle to give me that thumbs up. This was a perfect confirmation to tell me I was on the right path and that she was right beside me on this path.

What a beautiful blessing!

The above photos are a few validations from my reading by Michelle.

The 1st is Amber in yellow, definitely her signature color as Michelle picked up.

The 2nd is a photo of the two of us on a girl's trip to Seattle (one of our last trips together). We were always very affectionate with one another, constantly laughing and teasing.

The 3rd photo is of Amber as a young girl where she was very blonde as Michelle indicated.

~With love, Candy Jackson

Please watch the YouTube Video by clicking here.  

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