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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Gretchen Victoria Black's Validation with her son, Chad, through Pauline Mason

Gretchen Victoria Black's Validation with her son, Chad, through Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Oct
    • 13
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Thank you very much for all that you do!  On October 2, 2023, I was thrilled to receive a reading from Pauline Mason as she connected with my son, Chad, forever 38.  Irene Vouvalides asked parents who received readings to e-mail a summary and photos to you.  I apologize for the late submission but hope my connection helps others.

My beloved Chad crossed over on 1/15/23.  While the metaphysical has been a part of my life since age 3, I have "amped" it up, since Chad's crossing, and increased my existing studies and exercises in the arena solely for the purpose of easy and frequent communication.  Holding positive energy for same.

I'm attaching several photos of my beautiful son and including a summary, below, of Pauline's amazing, generous and evidentiary reading.


Happy Boy - Chad was a happy boy, as Pauline mentioned.  Just overall goodness.  My best description for him is "a bucket of love and peace."  His elementary school principal once dubbed Chad as "too good to be true."  He is truly a very gorgeous soul as seems to be the case with all of our children who have crossed.  He is as loved as much as he loved.

Asthma - Chad was diagnosed with asthma at approximately age 1.  As Chad aged, his asthma worsened.  He stationed inhalers strategically in different places throughout his home (living room, bedroom, home office) and always kept one in his car and pocket or backpack.  Chad also had a home nebulizer which he used frequently.  On 1/3/23, before 2:00 p.m., Chad was spotted slumped over at the wheel of his SUV and a passerby saw him and called EMTs.  Upon arrival, the EMTs reported Chad was unresponsive, oxygen levels were low and he was treated for an alleged drug overdose.  He was transported to a local hospital where he was intubated. Two days later, Chad was transferred to a Level 1 trauma hospital to receive more intense treatment.  Miraculously, on 1/12/23, his condition improved drastically, he was extubated and moved from MICU to the "step-down" unit.  Unfortunately, on 1/15/23, Chad's night duty nurse ignored his multiple pleas, along with mine, for immediate administration of Albuterol nebulization.  This negligence to address Chad's intense and lengthy asthma attack proved fatal. I was at Chad's bedside as he crossed over.  It was as Pauline describes - collapsing and drifting to the spirit world.  She felt a heaviness in her chest during the reading - when the asthma attack hit Chad, his breathing was intensely concave and quite a struggle.

Football - Chad was recruited, in both middle and high school, by coaches to play football. This seemed to be based on his athletic beefy physique.  He learned and loved the game playing very well from ages 11-16 (hence, the age at which Chad was presenting to Pauline).  Also, it is extremely interesting that Pauline mentioned football as this time of the year, football season, is extremely significant to Chad.  He has a love for the NFL and an allegiance to his New Orleans Saints team.  His home is decorated chock full of fleur de lis throughout every room, walls and shelves in his home.  He has a signed and framed Drew Brees jersey.  Pauline mentioned that, being in the UK, she doesn't really understand the football season, hence, this more so indicates evidentiary information.

Energetic - Pauline also mentioned Chad not wanting to sit still and being full of energy.  He is a chill soul but definitely never complacent.  At the hospital, he kept trying to get out of the bed and, consequently, he was restrained (only while intubated) but I had to lift the bed on his last day as he was trying to leave the hospital.

Johnny - is a friend of Chad. I believe the friendship wasn't super close but there's a tad bit of history as I dated Johnny's older brother when I was a teenager. The relevance, in the reading, here is that the Saturday prior to Pauline's reading, I just happened to run into Johnny's nephew at my hair salon.  The nephew was sitting in the stylist chair.  He and I struck up a conversation (I had no idea who he was).  As we started comparing names and people we know (our community is small), I found out that Johnny is this young man's uncle.  I then mentioned that Chad was buddies with Johnny.  The young man and I were both very surprised at our mutual connections.  Prior to this, I had not heard Johnny's name since before Chad crossed when Pauline mentioned this, it was Chad's way of communicating that he was privy to my conversation at the salon on Saturday. 

Musical - as I responded to Pauline, my husband and I play music and have a studio.  We gave Chad a piano keyboard, along with a mixing board, several years ago.  Chad used this to create his own beats and music scores.  It was both extremely therapeutic and important for him as he did suffer from anxiety.

Shy and doesn't mix or blend with lots of people/felt different - Chad is extremely friendly and quite talkative...never really met a stranger.  However, he expressed to me on multiple occasions in recent years that he felt "misunderstood."  I sensed this frustrated him......that people didn't really "get him."  He had become somewhat of a hermit the past few years so maybe this is to what Pauline is referring.  He still socialized but with less frequency.

Cook - yes, he always cooked daily, loved it and, in recent years, took great pleasure in creating dishes (especially his signature gumbo and also tamale balls) for our family holiday gatherings/events. In fact, hours before Pauline's readings, I became fixated on two aprons and a cutting board hanging on Chad's kitchen wall. I also perused his freezer which I had not done in months.  Perhaps these were all synchronicities in preparation for the reading so he could validate.

Quietly go about his business and "why me, why did this have to happen to me?" - this makes sense.  In these later adult years, there were several situations in Chad's earthly existence that bothered him.  Consequently, he experienced anxiety (which can exacerbate asthma) and he seemed to have a very tough time controlling same.  I believe he internalized quite a bit, thus, heightening the "why me?" feelings.  The adult years, versus younger, proved to be a challenge of sorts for Chad.  Over the last year, I believe the struggles remained, but it seemed he may have been improving - and more so "rolling with the punches."

Birthday - my niece's birthday is October 5.  Chad loves his entire family dearly and adores his cousin.  There was also my birthday on September 19.  Pauline said Chad was holding up and showing her a birthday card.  High probability that would have been for me versus my niece since it was Chad and I who exchanged cards frequently through yearly holidays and events.

Scarves - Extremely significant validation in this reading. Chad has a couple of winter type scarves which he used during any very infrequent cold snaps in Southeast Louisiana.  However, square bandanas were a huge mandatory piece of his wardrobe at all times.  He wore around his head plenty, used for sweat rags, masking, covering coughs, etc. - always carried one in his pocket.  There are approximately a variety of 40 of these scarves in his home.

Ring - as of now, the only ring I can connect is either Chad's high school ring from 2000 or his paternal grandmother's high school ring which I'd found in a box, amongst other treasures, on a closet shelf in Chad's home.  Chad was not buried with these rings or any other jewelry, however.

Swimming - yes, Chad loved to swim during any opportunity afforded to him. He swam more frequently during his youth but only because he had more access to pools at that time.

Family discord - Pauline mentioned Chad feels the family is drifting apart.  There were some estrangement issues in the family prior to Chad's passing.  However, these issues have extended to more family members, and escalated, following his crossing.

Number 34 - I still have not made a connection to this number other than last Wednesday, I attended a mediumship practice circle, just several blocks from the cemetery where Chad's body rests.  The address of the home of the practice is 3340 Esplanade Avenue.  Also, though, the address of the cemetery is 3421 Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. I literally just looked up the cemetery address as I am typing because I sensed a feeling.

Sensing him all around - I do everyday, all day long.  Though, as Jean Else describes, regarding Mavis Pattilla's passing, not having Chad in this realm, physically, is very painful for me.

Thank you for letting me share.  This evidentiary reading has been very helpful and very necessary on my grief journey.  Please feel free to revise as necessary if you decide to include in the newsletter.  I realize it's very lengthy.

Gretchen Victoria Black
Please watch the Youtube video by clicking here.  

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