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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Carol Allen's Validation with her son Tyler through Isabella Johnson

Carol Allen's Validation with her son Tyler through Isabella Johnson

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 20
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Tyler's picture with the rainbow unicorn/Isabella Johnson

We recently had to put our wonderful dog Hercules down. We were devastated, but I knew that my son Tyler, who lives on the other side of the veil, would take good care of him. I immediately asked Tyler to please give me a sign that without a doubt he had Hercules. The next day as I was talking to my older son TJ, he said “Mom, Tyler came to me last night and I saw him playing fetch with Hercules.

Then he told me that I was right, that he loves Hercules”. Tyler hadn’t met Hercules on earth. TJ was crying as he was giving me this message. At that moment my laptop started playing the song Simple Man, which is a song we honor Tyler with. As if that wasn’t enough, the next day my niece Rachael sent a group text with a picture to ask if anyone had put a toy on her shelf (the toy was right in front of Tyler’s picture). She meant to ask my older niece Kate, who had been over there babysitting her kids, but sent it in a group text including my sisters and myself. My niece Rachael was wondering if Tyler was messing with her because he often does LOL. No one had put the toy there. My nieces kids are too small to reach. The toy was a unicorn with a rainbow on top. The toy was on its side showing mainly the rainbow in front of Tyler. It was a clear message! Hercules crossed the rainbow bridge and he is definitely with Tyler!

I helped with the Zoom meeting Tuesday evening. Isabella Johnson was doing gallery readings. Tyler typically doesn’t come through because he knows that I am doing well and other parents need the validations more. However, I know that he knows how sad I’ve been regarding Hercules and I have also been missing my son TJ because he recently moved to another state. So of course, Tyler was the first one to come through. It wasn’t a surprise he came through with his friend Zach, who passed a few years after he did. The validations were wonderful. Of course Isabella said, “Oh, and he has a dog there” as she was mentioning Tyler’s brother TJ. Our kids are amazing!!

~With love, Carol Allen

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