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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Rachel Morrissey's Validation from her son Will through Beth Lynch

Rachel Morrissey's Validation from her son Will through Beth Lynch

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 20
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Will/Beth Lynch

My sweet son Will was 18 years old and training with the Marine Corps when he crossed over in November 2022.  I have been watching HPH videos on YouTube for about a year, and attending Zoom meetings live once or twice a month. The validations that other parents receive always give me a boost. As I’d been having a tough week, I made a very last minute decision to join Beth Lynch’s gallery reading live on February 8. I had been considering just watching the replay later, but had a sudden strong feeling that I should join the meeting live.


Right away, for the first person to come through, Beth mentioned “military.” I thought, “Could it be?” Next she mentioned the names “Jack, and Jacqueline” and that there was a dog, a German shepherd or K9 dog. I knew right away that this had to be Will - his older brother is Jack, and Jack’s girlfriend is Jacqueline. Will always loved dogs, and had a fascination with K9s and service dogs. 


Will’s personality came through clearly in the reading. Beth mentioned Will apologizing to the other parents for coming through first in a way that is very true to his nature. She also mentioned Brian, Will’s great uncle who is in spirit. Several times, Will expressed his love and let me know that he is OK, words he knew I needed to hear that night in particular. He even mentioned the high winds that were blowing outside! The connection was so strong. At the end of the reading, Beth mentioned a necklace, the very one I wear all of the time with a lock of his hair. Beth even described how Will showed the necklace as tucked in my shirt - I almost always wear it inside my clothes.


Thank you so much, Beth, for the incredible and comforting reading. I am so grateful to HPH and for the beautiful community you provide.


~With love and gratitude, Rachel Morrissey

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here

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