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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Christy Major's Validation from her daughter Tess through Fara Gibson

Christy Major's Validation from her daughter Tess through Fara Gibson

  • Posted
    • Nov
    • 17
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Fara Gibson, Christy’s Painted Hearts, Tess’ Album Cover

Recently, I attended our local HPH book club only to discover that Fara Gibson was doing a surprise gallery reading. My daughter Tess was the first one to come through and there was certainly no mistaking it was she. Fara validated Tess could play guitar, sing, and wrote her own music. She started describing “a piece of framed music-not sheet music, with writing on it.” I was stumped as I kept trying to think of something in a literal frame until Fara said, “It’s a square.” I immediately saw the cover of Tess’s album titled The Voice Memos that we released posthumously back in April and knew that was it.The title and her name on the album cover are copied from her own handwriting. 

Next, Fara began to talk about my painting.  “Tess says you are painting new hearts. You made a yellow heart and you wanted to throw it out. You outlined it and it was the wrong color. It doesn’t go together.” All of this was exactly true. When I first started painting several years ago, I painted hearts all the time. I eventually moved on to other things, but recently I did a new series of hearts. I tried to outline several of them in a yellow that I ended up not liking at all because I didn’t think it matched. I considered pitching these paintings, but ended up painting over a lot of the yellow and kept them.

There is no way Fara could have known the details about my hearts without Tess giving her the information. Thanks to the kids and to Fara for her generosity and all the validations she brought to the parents that night. It is always an honor to watch healing happening in real time. 

To listen to Tess’s music, please visit for links to The Voice Memos.

~Written by Tess’ Mom, Christy Majors

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