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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Dani Valdez's Validation from her son Devon from Amy Utsman

Dani Valdez's Validation from her son Devon from Amy Utsman

  • Posted
    • Nov
    • 17
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

I was fortunate to receive the first reading of the evening from Amy Utsman who graciously connected to my son, Devon Kyle Greenstreet. The physical features that she brought through immediately made me aware it was him. I have never heard of Amy previously and she couldn’t have known these features. She brought through that he was medium build, darker (Latin) skin and a little stubble for a mustache. As you can see in his picture, that describes my boy perfectly. The reading was on my son’s 13-month angel anniversary, and it was greatly needed.

I was in bed ill on his birthday (11.12.23), several days before and couldn’t celebrate due to being ill. I had a hard time on that day (along with many other days) so to obtain a reading was absolutely amazing. Amy made me laugh and smile with Devon’s “attitude” that was coming through. She/He reminded me that I need to stop questioning and requesting specific signs or I won’t receive new ones and that he will continue sending me the previous ones until I accept the ones I am receiving. I am also working very hard to learn to hear him and communicate with him through my third eye. She also brought this information through validating that he knows I want to “hear” from him and to remember he is always with me and the signs are real.

I am extremely blessed to have had Devon for the time I did physically. He reminds me how amazing he is everyday, and he has brought me to this group and others to show me there is so much more out there than what we are “taught.” He shows me signs and he continues to move things around and Amy also brought that through in the reading as well. Thank you to HPH for having these events and I was grateful to be able to obtain a reading on his angelversary.

Thank you,

~Devon's Mom, Mrs. Dani Valdez

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