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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Claire O'Brien's Validation from her son Spencer with Beth Lynch

Claire O'Brien's Validation from her son Spencer with Beth Lynch

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

To start with, I thought that Spencer might relate to Beth because she deals with anxiety, depression and addiction – three things that Spencer dealt with on Earth. I felt him coming through right away when she said she had a male in a white t-shirt holding a shovel – at the same time hearing, “Claire.”  Spencer ALWAYS wore white t-shirts (see pictures)   one of Spencer’s last jobs was “grounds keeper” on my friend’s ranchette.

She saw him cooking and asked if he was a chef – she then mentioned another country.  I told Beth that Spencer graduated from the Texas Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu Program. She asked about “bananas;” I couldn’t think at the moment (I was nervous) But every week I make banana cookies and I made them yesterday.  She also said Spencer brought up a sauce.  The first thing he made for our family, while he was still in school, was marinara sauce.  Additionally, he always made the gravy at our holiday gatherings.

She told me that Spencer walks around the house and I hear him.  That is true.    

When she said Spencer had a cat with him.  I remembered that 7 years before Spencer transitioned, he stayed with me for a while and I had an orange cat named Morris (named after my father in spirit).  That cat transitioned before Spencer.  He loved animals so much!

She said that Spencer acknowledged my tension headaches.  I had just that afternoon, been to the masseuse to get my head and neck worked on and my masseuse said I was holding a lot of tension at the base of my skull.

Beth kept seeing a zip lock bag.  I use those a lot.   I happen to have an 8 inch long pony tail of Spencer’s that I had saved, meaning to send it to Locks of Love but never did.  She saw a drawer in which I keep a lot of miscellaneous items that belonged to Spence.  That little side table with the drawer was right behind me.

(The “piggy-backing” continued with Spencer.  She mentioned forks or getting new forks to another mom, asking her if she got new forks, she said no.  Two weeks ago I got new vintage flatware for the kitchen.  I just stared using them and I love them.  She also said to that mom that she had chapstick or lip balm all over the house – that’s me!  I have it in every room and use it all the time.  She mentioned turtles and I have a turtle collection – turtles are my Mom’s spirit animal.  And lastly, she mentioned to a mom that her child said, “not a good time.”  Spencer died on GOOD Friday – six years ago….)

~Written by Spencer's Mom, Claire O'Brien

Please watch Beth Lynch's YouTube from March 28th by clicking here. 

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