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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Craig Nelson's Validation with his son, Alex

Craig Nelson's Validation with his son, Alex

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 8
    • 2020
by Elizabeth Boisson

I wanted to share an amazing validation from my son Alex. This validation I received happen to have started from an online Zoom session that Lisa Wilcoxson, who is over the HPH Parents of children with special needs group set up with us and the Medium/Healer Debra Martin. We were fortunate to have her dedicate her time to speak to us and give us messages and advise that she was receiving from our children. In this session, Debra shared a very inspirational personal story and she brought in the messages that she was receiving from our kids. One of the first things she shared from them was a message that she said was coming from two boys. She said that they are telling us that it is very important for us to keep a daily planner and to write down the things that we can do to bring joy into our lives. Of course, I wondered if one of these little boys could be Alex, my rational mind wanted to dismiss what she was saying as being a true message from my son, however, I forced my mind to quiet down and to stay open to this really being a message from him.

So as Debra continued she shared a personal story that made me see synchronicity between her and our special kids who have passed over. She shared a heartfelt story of her personal life and a challenge that has involved facial nerves. This challenge forced her to experience the uncomfortable sympathetic looks that people would give or she had to deal with the ones that would turn away and treat her as if she was invisible. This was something that I was very familiar with. It always amazed me that people would let their kids just stand and stare at my son, or how parents would give us this sympathetic look as he would reflect his autism.

Thankfully my son did not seem to care as much as I did, however, this story Debra shared really resonated with me. So as Debra shared her story I began to see the connection she has to them and then as Debra shared this heartfelt story she began to tell us that our kids are all saying thank you. She became emotional as she expressed the gratitude that our kids were sending us; they were telling us 'thank you' for always seeing them as a beautiful person and never making them feel less than this. She said that they were saying that they are now just as beautiful as we always made them feel. Debra and all of us could feel the love that was flowing through from them and the gratitude they were sending out to us. So after several other messages, we closed the session with love flowing through our hearts and a strong connection to them and the ones in our group.

Anyway, my validation from Alex came 2 days later. I happened to open my mailbox to find a package from my retirement fund. I assumed it was typical junk that they send out about some mutual fund, however, I open it and I find a daily planner book. I was confused at first because I wondered why I got it and I think to myself that I have never received any gifts from them. It's not like I have much money with this management company. Then it hit me, I remembered what Debra was telling us a couple of days before. I instantly remembered the message from the 2 boys. I then thought of the procrastination I had in my head as she was telling us this. I then laughed to myself and said: “Wow Alex, you are something else”.

So as I stare at this planner flipping through the pages, glancing over and reading the inspirational messages that are scattered throughout the book, I was feeling as if they were direct messages from him. I also sent out a thank you to my son and told him that he knew me too well. He knew that I am the kind of person that would have probably never actually started writing in a daily planner, especially writing down the joyful things I want to do or did. Also, I have to say that I loved that he used my retirement fund as the path to get me this book. After thinking about this it made so much sense to me, especially when you think about this physical life we are living here on earth. I personally have always felt that our spiritual existence and the life here is for elevating our soul to a higher place, a place to which we long to go when we pass on, and the place some may call heaven. So in a way, all this knowledge that we received from Debra and our kids about ways to stay joyful and positive is to elevate our souls to a higher place. This work that we put into trying to stay positive, fighting away the negative and doing what it takes to rise above the lowest of times is for the elevation of our soul, or as I prefer to say nowadays, it's a shifting of our energy to a higher frequency of life.

As we work to do the things that are required for this elevation and hope that a day will come when we no longer have to carry around the heaviness of grief or whatever it may be that is bringing our soulful light down, it reminded me that this is similar to working hard and putting money away in a retirement fund. We do not question this when we do this because the outcome of not doing it has severe consequences. We know that it is important to work hard and to save our money for a time when we can retire. When you think about it, our retirements are a lot like what we would call heaven. It's a time where we are free and no longer have to be tied down to a job. A time that we can travel and see the world. A time that so many of us dream about doing all the things that we truly want to do.

We all know that before this time arrives it's important for us to be responsible and to work hard and save up, because the more money or energy we put into this retirement fund, the more comfortable and enjoyable this short time of our life will be. So this is a lot like putting in the work that it takes for our soul growth. The more effort we put into elevating our soul, the more energetic we become and the more radiant we will be. The more radiant we are the more light we can bring into this world. The brighter you shine the easier it will be for our kids to connect to us, and the higher we soar.

So, thank you Debra Martin for sharing yourself and some of the insight from your new book with us and for helping us to connect to our children. Also, I send out a big Thank You to my beautiful son Alex and all the other beautiful souls that has helped you in arranging such an amazing validation.

-Written by Alex's Dad, Craig Nelson

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