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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Elizabeth Boisson's Validation with her son Morgan, Pt 1

Elizabeth Boisson's Validation with her son Morgan, Pt 1

  • Posted
    • Jan
    • 11
    • 2020
by Elizabeth Boisson

Hello, wonderful Parents! I have to share a story with all of you for which I feel enormous gratitude.

My son Morgan was a cheerleader with the University of Arizona and he was best friends with all of the guys and girls on the team, including the mascot and his good friend Dan, Wibur the Wildcat. Dan has been an amazing support and is also is a bereaved sibling. He messaged me on FB last year to let me know that his wife had just had a baby and that they couldn't wait to see us. He told me that his son's name was Barrett. 

Dan and I decided to get together on a Saturday afternoon. My husband and I thought that we would go over to Dan and his wife's home to see the baby, but Dan messaged me and said: 'We will come to your home if that's okay! I would love to take Barrett into Morgan's room and let him feel his presence and love if that's ok with you.' Wow! That made my heart sing! :)

When Dan, his wife, and Barrett got to our home, he let us know that they had chosen Morgan as his middle name to honor his best friend. YAY! :) He then told us an amazing validation story. Dan is a firefighter in Peoria and has had many adventures with his work. Once, when a fire was raging above him in a home, he was in the garage standing in front of a car while his buddy put the car into neutral so that they could push it out and save it. All of a sudden, he felt someone hugging him tightly around his shoulders and pulling him forcibly backward. He said that it felt just like when Morgan would hug him from behind. He knew it was him.

As Dan fell backward, an air conditioning unit fell through the floor from above. The firefighter who was seated in the car and saw the whole thing said 'Dude-what just happened? It looked like someone just pulled you backward!' Morgan had saved Dan's life.

We have had many other friends tell us that Morgan has also saved them. We are grateful for every story that we hear. The picture below is of Dan, Erin, Barrett and me in Morgan's room. The photo on the wall behind us is of Morgan when he was 2 years old. The one on the left was at Homecoming.

Love and light to all of you and to your amazing children! May your journeys be filled with signs and validations from your beautiful children.

-Written by Morgan and Chelsea's Proud Mom, Elizabeth Boisson

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