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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Darlene and Mike Johnson's Validation with their daughter Autumn Marie through Shelly Wilson

Darlene and Mike Johnson's Validation with their daughter Autumn Marie through Shelly Wilson

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 13
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Autumn Marie/Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson is amazing and she is just so gracious. Mike and I were fortunate that our daughter was able to connect with us thru Shelly's wonderful and talented gifts on June 13th.
There were several things she was able to give to us that hit home.
1. The first is the number 27. We did not understand it at the time but later I realized that yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary! Autumn came to me in a dream yesterday morning and I was so thankful for her presence on our anniversary! I know 27 is not 26 but  Meh, autumn  sometimes  gets numbers a bit mixed up.
2.a head trauma. Autumn was hit while crossing a street by a boxcar truck. She suffered head trauma and internal bleeding. 
3. She had shoulder length  light brown hair - wavy  with  many natural  golden highlights. 
4.she was a very big nature girl - loved hiking, camping, riding her dirt bike, muddinv in her jeep, anything to do with the outdoors - so when Shelly  mentioned being surrounded  by trees! Our back yard is all treed with mountains behind them. we do alot of  dip net fishing in Alaska. Autumn loved to go fishing but especially loved dip netting - she caught her first King Salmon while  dip netting with dad. We were just talking before the gallery readings started about going dip netting in the next few days.
6. She also loved sunflowers - was her favorite and we like to grow them for her. I saw  Shelly wore bright yellow and had a sunflower on the table beside  her.
If the kiddos were trying to get her to wear a bright color - I know Autumn was right there with them trying to influence her. 
And lastly - I got the chills/goosebumps reach time she was spot on! And later - when I realized the 27 was probably  a reference to our anniversary - I got the chills again!
I feel very light hearted and I'm  overwhelmed with gratitude  towards this group for giving us parents a safe place to heal, to support one another, to learn from each other, to connect with our kiddos and to know they are always around us - in all ways!
Thank you for all you do - we are looking forward to meeting and hugging as many people as we can at the conference! 
Much love and gratitude, Darlene and Mike, Shining Light Parents for Autumn Marie F21
Please watch the video by clicking here.  

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