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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Elisha Shibuya's Validation with her son Cole through Shelly Wilson

Elisha Shibuya's Validation with her son Cole through Shelly Wilson

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 13
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

My name is Elisha Shibuya.  During the Gallery Reading on June 13th, Shelly Wilson gave a description of a young male who passed suddenly who was big and burly.  And she said linebacker was coming through to her so he played football possibly.  Then she said trouble with heart or breathing.  All of these fit the description of my son Cole Sutton, who was killed on his motorcycle by a drunk and high driver. 

Another family on the chat also has a son fit this description and so they went first; his name was Cory.  When Shelly took a moment after their reading to connect with my sons spirit I got tremendous chills all over and her message was that Cole was soft-hearted, and loving and caring and then she said he told her to tell me that it was taught to him to be that way by you mom. 

It really resonated with me as Cole was my biggest cheerleader and would rather boast about me and make me feel better than to have the attention on himself and Shelly brought up that about his spirit first thing.  How he held things in.  I love and appreciate Shelly and helping parents heal so much for letting me have that experience with my son.  Her entire session was so amazing and full of evidence to myself and all the other families that reached their loved ones. 

~Much love and gratitude, Elisha

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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