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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Darlene McCarthy's Validations from her Daughter Kristina and Kristina's Boyfriend Eric

Darlene McCarthy's Validations from her Daughter Kristina and Kristina's Boyfriend Eric

  • Posted
    • Jan
    • 18
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Eric and Kristina, Isabella Johnson

My Reading with Isabella Johnson during the ZOOM meeting on January 16th was amazing!

It started with her describing a young male. I obviously didn't think it was for me because I have a daughter in Spirit.  
But the more she went on, I started feeling like she was describing Eric, my daughter's high school sweetheart.
She said he had sandy blonde hair, and he does.
She said he was very studious and smart, and he is.
She said a teacher spoke at his service, and in fact one of his professors spoke at his service. 
She said his service was held at a school to accommodate the people, and Eric's service was held at the University he attended.
She said Eric's Mom has been having a hard time, and she has.
As I was commenting on these things being true of Eric in the chat box, you (Elizabeth) felt it was OK to have me unmuted.
Isabella immediately asked if I had a daughter in Spirit, I answered, yes.  She then told me my daughter was here and her HS boyfriend had brought her through.
She said my daughter's fiesty personality was coming through in a playful way.
She asked if my Kristina and Eric had opposite personalities, and they absolutely do.
She said my daughter liked me in red, and I was wearing a red blouse (that could not be seen in the Zoom camera). That blew me away!
She said my daughter sees me looking at pictures and I have been.
She said my daughter says I talk to her out loud all the time, especially while, I DO!
She said my daughter is saying to say hi to her Dad and asked if she called him Papa, or something like that. Then she said, Don't be mad at him.
Well, my daughter calls MY Dad, Tata (Tha-tha), he is still in the physical world and I indeed HAVE been frustrated with him lately. 
She asked if my daughter has a daughter - She has a step daughter and she asked that I give her a big hug and tell her she is very proud of her.
She asked if I had grandchildren, I do have 2.  
She said my daughter sent their souls.  They were in fact, born after my daughter transitioned.
She said my daughter is mentioning giving a grandbaby her name or middle name - It's what I've been hoping for. 
She said I have been unable to get past the bargaining stage in my grief, constantly going over the what-ifs - I now realize I have.  Hearing it come through my daughter has helped me be more conscious about it and I will work on that.
I am probably leaving some out, but the experience was amazing and one I will never forget!
I shared it with Eric's Mom, she was so happy! 
Attached is a picture of Eric and Kristina on their high school graduation day.
~Thank you so much, Darlene McCarthy 
Watch Isabella Johnson's YouTube by clicking here.  

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