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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Dina Aune's Validation from her son, Brady, through Isabella Johnson

Dina Aune's Validation from her son, Brady, through Isabella Johnson

  • Posted
    • Aug
    • 29
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Above: Brady, the rocks he mentioned, his football trophies, Bill's Grandpa, Isabella Johnson
We are so thankful to Isabella Johnson for the beautiful reading she gave us with our son Brady. How much we have longed for a full conversation with him like the gift Isabella can deliver!  
He mentioned the trauma and training accident that made perfect sense. He transitioned during his first week of training at work by drowning.  He also mentioned doing what he loved but not liking getting up so early for work when it was dark, which was all so true like so many 20 year olds. 
He joked about how he is staying in shape and is really "bulking up"; he was in gymnastics, football, MMA and boxing while here and loved being physical.  I know that would be exactly what he would want to do now.  He told Isabella "I feel fantastic, I feel so good!" This was so great to hear as he suffered with a heart electrical issue that finally got so serious that he needed to have it fixed his last year here along with a few concussions from gymnastics and boxing. He hated not being physical for the long period of healing from both issues and was just getting back into the shape he was used to being in when he left.  Now we are assured he feels great!
He mentioned books like "college books" and referenced not knowing which direction he wanted to go in while with us, that is correct. He knew college was not his path here as he struggled with book learning and was on the cadet list to become a firefighter the fall after he left us. Now it seems he is able to take classes and loves it.
What a special surprise when his grandfather joined the reading! Bill's dad passed when Brady was four and was non verbal for his last 20 years due to a stroke. He talked about how proud he is of Brady and his work ethic, "you'd be so proud of this young man" he told us as he put his arm around Brady. He showed Isabella his military career flying F86 jets.  It was like sitting at a table having a conversation with both Brady and Bill's dad. Something Bill never got to hear while they were on this earth.
Attached is a picture of the rocks that were painted for Brady recently he mentioned in the reading.  He also mentioned the fireflies and that he talks to us every day. We have been blown away by the amount of fireflies we have seen this summer! There was so much more that came through that made perfect sense to us. Thank you Isabella and Brady!
Best Regards,
~Dina Aune
Please watch the video of Dina's Reading by clicking here.

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