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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Don and Darlene McCarthy's Validation with their daughter Kristina from Daniel John

Don and Darlene McCarthy's Validation with their daughter Kristina from Daniel John

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 5
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Kristina, Don & Darlene, Gemma, Daniel John

We attended a Zoom Gallery Reading with Daniel John on March 21st.

Daniel John mentioned a name with K sound and someone having a birthday in 2 weeks.

My daughter's name is Kristina and her partners birthday was in 2 weeks.
Daniel mentioned the number 58 and the name Don - Donald - Donnie.
My husband is 58 and his name is Donnie.
When Daniel heard our last name, McCarthy, he said he KNEW for sure he was with us.
DJ mentioned my daughter being concerned with my husband carrying tension in his shoulders and wanted him to get a deep tissue massage.
My husband does in fact carry tension and periodically gets massages, but hadn't been in for one in a while.
My husband shared with DJ that our daughter was a massage therapist in life... He was amazed!
DJ brought through that my daughter wants my husband to take care of himself - specifically his hurting feet.
She said he takes very good care of his family and she wants him to take care of himself too.  
DJ mentioned someone who mumbles when they talk and/or talks fast.
That is a validation of my brother, for sure!
DJ said my daughter wanted to give him congratulations on a job promotion and said she's very proud of him.
My brother was up for a management position - hopefully he gets it! 
DJ relayed my daughter acknowledging that her uncle still has a very hard time with her passing and keeps it to himself most of the time.
My brother is in fact, still very heartbroken over my girl's passing.
She wants him to know she is with him.
I let him know. He cried... happy tears.
DJ brought through that we had a new puppy that looked like a Beagle. In his vision he saw floppy ears and a dark coat.
We did in fact, get a new puppy who is 1/4 Bassett Hound and 3/4 Chihuahua.  Her name is Gemma and she very often gets mistaken for a Beagle.
DJ was getting his symbols for baseball and asked about baseball.
My daughter was an avid softball player and excelled in the game at a young age.
DJ said my daughter was bringing up Easter as a big deal.
Our family owns a ranch and every Easter lots of family gets together there to celebrate... it's big - like a family reunion.
That was when a lot of our family last saw Kristina before she transitioned. 
DJ said my girl was bringing up the start of writing a book
I have been considering it and later found out my daughter's partner has also been considering writing a book. 
From beginning to end, Daniel John was beyond AMAZING. 
My husband and I were so grateful to know that our girl sent so many thoughtful and loving validations to us.
This is not the end.
There is life after 'death'.
Love never dies.
~ Don & Darlene McCarthy 
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