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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Franciska Bittan's Validation with her son Matthew

Franciska Bittan's Validation with her son Matthew

  • Posted
    • May
    • 26
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

I wanted to share with you an amazing sign I received from Matthew for my birthday/pre-wedding. It's a bit long, but worth the story as I feel out of all the signs I've received this one takes the cake, in detail and the timeline. Still wrapping my head around it! But feeling so grateful and happy:) 

March 30 we took a night flight from NY to LA arriving after midnight April 1 my B-day:) Decided to hike Runyon Canyon early that morning to have a beautiful baby monarch butterfly follow me during the entire hike up (I asked Matthew to be with me). The next day we left to Dana Point where we stayed for a couple of days at the Monarch Resort (Where Charles had a sports conference) with monarchs everywhere..even the soaps & chocolates on the pillow were in monarch boxes.. lol  

April 4th, Charles and I took the redeye from LA to Miami and checking into our room by 6:45 AM. Although I didn't sleep on the flight with the time change and I was exhausted,  I had an impulse to see what time sunrise was and get on the beach to watch it at.. 7:08AM Charles wasn't going to go to bed since he was getting ready for his day so he decided to come down with me. 

When we got down, there was only one gentleman sitting by the lifeguard chair taking pictures. As the sun was rising he came over and asked if we wanted him to take our pic. (first, he was wearing a baseball cap with an American flag like I have and got because Matthew loved the flag. I wore it to hike, didn't think anything of it, but I noticed it) After taking the picture he handed my phone back and reached into his pocket (wearing cargo pants) and pulled out a flower made of sea shells.. He looked directly into my eyes and said "THIS IS FOR YOU" I said thank you and was admiring the flower and detail when he said:  "my wife and I make them, they're perfect for wedding bouquets" 

I didn't mention that we were getting married and the fact that we're both in our 50's wouldn't make one think we were heading down the aisle.  I said that's nice..but before I could say anything else, he says "MY NAME IS MATTHEW" I just look at him for a moment trying to process because at this point the meeting is kind of strange but not in a bad way...just something surreal.  I didn't say anything about my Matthew, just said, thank you again and told him our names. Then he asked me "DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY NAME MATTHEW MEANS?"  I said I think I do, but I was a bit off, it was early and I was still kind of thinking something was going on here, the man was in his 60's, never met anyone who asked the meaning of their names, let alone it being the same name as my sons.. then he says "MY NAME MEANS A GIFT FROM G-D" All I could say was yes, I think I do remember that.. and I actually knew that, but my head had so many thoughts going through it at this point. We spoke of his family and his 3 girls. He said he came down to the beach every morning to watch and takes pics of the sunrise and maybe we would see him again, then he just walked away. Charles looked at me and said if he wasn't with me, he would NEVER believe the story and think I was exaggerating if I told him.. LOL it really was so so odd in a good way...

Needless to say,  I was on Cloud 9 the entire trip, calling my entire family to share. We headed home the 7th.

This was AMAZING.. but it didn't stop there... fast forward to  Sat. April 13th, my girlfriend and I had a ticket to see Laura Lynne Jackson at a group setting on the Island (Long Island) around 120 or less.  She wrote the book The Light Between Us. I almost didn't go because I was not looking to do the 1:45 drive in traffic but pulled myself together to make it. Glad I did.. Got so many messages, even if they weren't directed at me... But then when I went to see her after the gallery reading she looked at me and said.. your son is here... "Matthew" He's excited about your wedding.  She asked me "you haven't gotten married yet right?" I said no... She said "he's saying 8.. Aug..and you have something from him for your wedding bouquet" He sent you a gift.. recently he's telling me. Then she went on about a few other things that were extremely accurate. I couldn't believe it. I told Laura the story of the flower and she said that it was from Matthew and he's so excited and would be there that day. 

I was like WOW.  This was confirmation, even if I didn't need it, because it was so crazy at the time, I knew beyond a reasonable doubt that it was from Matthew. Even Charles looked at me as the man left and said WOW... Matthew just gave you the biggest sign and gift ever. 

The gift that keeps on giving; Tuesday, April 16th, I was looking to download new music onto my I-touch and get on my laptop. After opening I-tunes, realize that my computer has none of my music. I got my computer a couple of months back and never authorized it and haven't updated my music since.  So after I do, all the music and I guess all the voice memos from my phone as well, that was in the mysterious I-cloud (that I can't figure out) starts to download on my new computer... As it does a voice memo from Aug 21, 2018, pops up from a reading I had with Laura Lynne Jackson...I had completely forgotten about... Well not the reading but the contents and decided to have a listen to it... To my surprise, 5min and 45 sec into the reading she's asking if I will be away somewhere in 7 months (she counts out March, end of )??? If there's an event??? telling me that Matthew is showing that 7 months from now he will be sending me a gift for my wedding!!! I have the recording and if I can copy and cut that piece to share I will... My friend and family all have heard it and can't believe it. It's so definite.

What's also bizarre about the recording is that when we started the session about 4 min into the reading her daughter interrupted coming from school and I went to stop the recording but noticed it stopped on its own.  So when her daughter had left after a moment I restarted it.  If her daughter didn't interrupt I would never have known the receding had accidentally stopped when I put the phone down. I'm pretty sure Matthew wanted me to have the reading saved to confirm that he was sending me a gift, and I would have solid confirmation of it, going back 7 months.

I was away., the guy was wearing the same hat with the flag that I have, It was my birthday week, it was 7 months since the recording (Aug 21, 2018),  I'm getting married in Aug (which she also mentioned in the session that Matthew knew) and it just all fits into this crazy beautiful unexplainable gift.. Our loved ones, Our kids are living and enjoying and sharing in our lives. We need to celebrate them as they celebrate us. They want us to be happy and they want to be apart of our happiness. If we are happy they are happy.  It's something we need to remember, even in those dark sad moments.

-Written by Matthew's Mom, Franciska Bittan

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