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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Hope Duffy's Validations from her Daughter Gabby from Beth Lynch

Hope Duffy's Validations from her Daughter Gabby from Beth Lynch

  • Posted
    • Sep
    • 23
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Beth Lynch/A few pictures of my Gabby F27, a picture of her ring I sometimes wear, and the slippers with her name on it that’s in my office.

My name is Hope and on January 8, 2023 my beautiful daughter Gabrielle (Gabby) transitioned.  

On September 19, 2023 I joined the Zoom meeting with Beth Lynch. I have joined a few meetings before and didn’t want to give myself hope that my daughter would show up. I loved how Beth opened up the meeting with a short meditation and I really opened up my heart and asked Gabby to please come in if she was able to.

About 45 minutes into the group readings, Beth said she heard the name Gabby. My hands immediately started shaking and I knew it was my girl. It was so hard for me to stay calm and not go into an ugly cry. My momma heart was so ready to hear from her. I confirmed that I have a daughter named Gabby who transitioned on 1/8/23 and Beth said it didn’t feel long ago. Gabby told Beth that she just wanted to curl up next to me. That she was right next to me and said, “I love you mommy, I love you.”  

Gabby said, “tell her the ring” and I held up my hand because that morning I felt the urge to put on her ring. It’s not something I do every day, but that morning I just had the urge to wear it.  Beth said that Gabby was smiling and said, “Of course I’ll be here with you, of course. Don’t ever wonder because sometimes you wonder.”  She is right, I do sometimes doubt but I won’t anymore!

Beth said something about feeling like the “lights go out” or “like boom, very fast.”  After thinking about it, I know it was Gabby telling me that she transitioned very quickly. I feel like she was reassuring me that she didn’t suffer.

Then Beth said, “Tell her the slippers.”  At first I thought she was referencing all of her clothes and shoes that we’ve put away, but then I remembered that a few weeks before she transitioned, I had bought slippers for her during an after Christmas sale. They were intended to be a gift for this coming Christmas. I had put her name on a post-it note on the box and they are in my office.  They are now just going to stay in my office forever with her name on the box since I can’t bring myself to give them away. They belonged to her. 

Then Beth said, “She promises to never leave your side.  No, I mean it, I’ll never leave your side. I’ll watch over everybody, I promise. I’m okay mom.  There are so many wonderful, beautiful humans here but they’re spirits, there’s so many.”

Beth said that everybody is supporting her, then asked if she had pretty hair. Of course my response was that she was a very beautiful girl.  Beth said that she made her feel like her hair was beautiful.  I thought about this after the reading and I remembered how much she loved to change her hair as you can see from the pictures. She just loved changing up her hair all the time.  Beth reiterated that she is getting a lot of support and that she is so glad that I’m with this group. Gabby said, “I led you there, I led you there.”  And YES she did. In her goodbye letter, her last sentence to me was, “I’ll forever shine in every way within you.”  So of course when I saw that HPH called themselves Shining Light Parents, I knew without a doubt that I was meant to be here.

Wow! This was my first reading and it was exactly what my momma heart needed. I’m so thankful for all the work that Helping Parents Heal has done and a big thank you to Beth Lynch.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Hope Duffy 

Please watch the YouTube Video of Beth Lynch by clicking here.

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