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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Is This Really an All-Good Universe?  By Author, Ordained Unity Minister, and Soul Regression Therapist, Rev Sue Frederick

Is This Really an All-Good Universe? By Author, Ordained Unity Minister, and Soul Regression Therapist, Rev Sue Frederick

  • Posted
    • May
    • 14
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Is This Really an All-Good Universe?

By Author, Ordained Unity Minister, and Soul Regression Therapist, Rev Sue Frederick


Is the universe always acting in our favor, for our highest good, even when it seems the opposite? For decades I’ve studied, taught and written about this principle of divine order, of a loving all good universe happening for us - not to us.


Yet it has never seemed as pertinent as it has in the last few weeks - during a recent dark night of my soul’s journey.


On March 20, I was shopping in Target when I fainted, was taken to the ER and diagnosed with severe anemia caused by internal bleeding caused by colon cancer. Many of you know this is the illness that my first husband Paul suffered and died from in 1980.


The night of my diagnosis, I called on the divine guides and my departed loved ones for a soul conference. They told me that much would be revealed in the coming days and that my only job was to surrender to what was unfolding – to surrender with grace and courage trusting in the divine order of this all good universe.


I spent the first night alone in my hospital room watching my favorite comedy movies. I knew that laughter had always been a powerful vibrational shifter for me and that I needed it now to lift me above my fear and shock.


After spending hours laughing, I fell into a peaceful sleep. If I could laugh in the face of the worst possible diagnosis then all was well in this divine order universe. I could find a way through this dark night.


In the week between diagnosis and surgery, I focused on conversations with guides, departed loved ones and my extraordinarily wise HPH girlfriends. Was this my soul’s exit point? If it wasn’t, what was the lesson my soul was trying to learn from this?


With the help of their loving insights, I lifted into my soul’s perspective. I found a way to view the crisis as a gift. Our crisis points are when it truly matters who we surround ourselves with, and what kind of spiritual and intuitive tools we’ve gathered over the years.


My amazing husband Gene and I have always made our decisions based on intuition; how things feel to us. As we faced this challenge, we were able to bring our intuition to the major decisions we faced now. I interviewed a number of surgeons and found one I had an instant soul connection with.


She would remove a large section of my ascending colon; she assured me that my experience would be completely different from Paul’s. And she was confident that my experience would heal my PTSD from watching Paul suffer. She was absolutely correct.


As the surgery date neared, I underwent an inner soul review; examining where my life had gone in recent years and what parts needed to change in order to shine my brightest light and stay here. Much was revealed in my inner searching and I made promises to the guides and angels about the changes I would make in order to live to a higher frequency of my soul’s path.


The surgery was successful and days later we got the lab results determining there was no spread. The 25 lymph nodes and the piece of my colon she’d removed showed no sign of the cancer spreading.


Here are 5 essential tools that helped me navigate this dark night of the soul:


1.-Seek the higher meaning of the challenge you’re facing; ask to be lifted into your soul’s perspective instead of the limited human viewpoint. You’ll know this is occurring when you feel calm, surrounded by loving grace, and confident.


2.-Shift your frequency by seeking the light; the hope in the midst of darkness. There is always a light waiting for you to find it. Shifting your frequency reveals the path within each painful moment. Fear is not real; it’s the mind killer. Our job is to offer love to what terrifies us; gratitude to what angers us.


3.-Rewrite the soul plan. Get clear on what you need to surrender and what you need to embrace moving forward. Every reinvention point, every dark night of the soul, is calling you to shift into the next and better – even if you have no idea what that is. Do a quick soul review; ask yourself what you could be doing better in your life. What do you regret from your past actions? Resolve to live fully in the light of your higher purpose.


4.-Trust that you are always guided by higher beings; that you’re always loved by the God force; that you’re never alone. Call on the guides, angels and departed loved ones to comfort you. It’s their job to help us, but we may not feel their presence unless we shift our frequency higher by sending out love and gratitude. Easy frequency shifters include humor, gratitude, compassion and unconditional love.


5.-Allow numbers to guide and comfort you. Numbers offer constant feedback about what’s going on and how to move through it. My first randomly assigned hospital room digited to the number 9 – the frequency of surrender to the higher lesson; to release all expectations, to trust the divine purpose. In that 9 room, I received my cancer diagnosis and surrendered to where this was meant to go. After surgery I was assigned to room 1133. Many of you know that 11 and 33 are two very high frequency master soul numbers that celebrate and enhance our connection to God Source. I’ve studied and taught sacred numerology since 1980 and would love to share it with you; you can learn more about these sacred signs on my website:


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