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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Jeff and Lynn Hollahan's Validation with their son, Devon, through Jennifer Brazier

Jeff and Lynn Hollahan's Validation with their son, Devon, through Jennifer Brazier

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 19
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18th, my wife, Lynn, and I were able to attend the HPH meeting at Unity of Phoenix hosted by our fearless leader, Elizabeth Boisson.  The featured speaker was psychic medium Jennifer Brazier and she provided gallery readings for the attendees. 

Jennifer immediately began connecting with the children of those present and provided some amazing signs and validations, but as her time was drawing to a close, Devon was a No-Show.  Then she paused, took a sip from her bottle of water as said, “There’s a young man here wearing a backpack. He’s a traveler and living a very simple life.”  She then described him in his early 20’s and that he was walking close to a river and went into great detail about the area near the river.  The more she spoke, the more convinced we became that she was, in fact, with our boy!  For the next 10 minutes, she provided wonderful validations and descriptions and by the end, I was reveling in one of the best Father’s Day experiences ever!  What a gift!  But it gets better….

The following day, Lynn received a call from Elizabeth saying that Jennifer had called her and told her that Devon had “ridden home” with her after the meeting and had a lot more to share.  Shortly after that call, Jennifer called Lynn to set up another Zoom meeting later that week to discuss more of Devon’s info.  Several days later, Lynn and I gathered around her computer to continue our conversation with Jennifer and Devon.

From the first moments of our discussion, it was clear that something special was happening.  We both felt an incredible energy and Jennifer was visibly animated during the call.  One of the first subjects brought up was the way in which Devon passed.  There have always been questions about the events that evening and whether there were others involved and he “wanted us to have a better understanding of what happened that evening”.  At the crux of the discussion was that Devon was “just a wandering soul, enjoying life”!  Adding validity to all of her statements was that Jennifer described with incredible accuracy, the scene near the river where Devon passed – the park, the embankment, retaining wall and the river itself.

Later in the call, Jennifer brought up the fact that she is an evidential medium, but there is also something called physical mediumship when you work with spirit and they are able to do things that are physical, like moving objects.  We have seen Devon do this on occasion and each time, he made sure there were other witnesses around to ensure we weren’t just making this up.  So, Jennifer threw down the gauntlet:  She said, “Devon, if you can do this, I want to see it!”  As she was preparing for our Zoom meeting, entering her meditative state, the shade on the window near her desk started moving back and forth.  She also mentioned that she had been unable to locate the Vaseline she uses on her lips before the meeting and when she sat down at her desk, there were 3 small containers right on the desk in front of her that she had NOT placed there!

The highlight of the day for me was right near the end when Jennifer asked if we had any questions for Devon.  I asked if Devon and I were supposed to be writing music together.  Now, remember, this is a Zoom meeting and we can see each other quite clearly.  When I asked that question, Jennifer visibly “jumped” in her chair!  We all took that as a resounding “Yes” and I’m waiting to see where Devon takes me on our musical journey together!  All-in-all, it was a very memorable Fathers Day!

Thank you, Jennifer and Devon!

~Jeff Hollahan, Devon's Dad

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