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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Jessica Smart's Validation from her friend Colette and her son Isreal through Lisa Morrison

Jessica Smart's Validation from her friend Colette and her son Isreal through Lisa Morrison

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 20
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Collette, Israel's two-finger salute, Lisa Morrison

When I was listening to Lisa Morrison speak, I initially wasn't paying full attention because I have a son in spirit and she was talking about a woman. The more she described this woman, the more it sounded exactly like my friend Collette. I was like wow! What are the odds. When nobody else could take any of what Lisa was saying, I said I could take it all and it was decided that we would continue the reading to see what she had to say😃

Lisa was extremely accurate when describing my friend's life, the relationship we had and the way she passed. My friend stated that she was taking care of my son like I had taken care of her. It was so nice to hear from her. I think of her often. She also had brought my son, Israel along with her!

Lisa was also exceptionally accurate when communicating with him. She knew of a very intense investigation that Israel's father is conducting as he believes that Israel was intentionally pushed off the road which resulted in him passing from a car accident. Israel confirmed that the rumors were not true and that his dad needs to let it go and focus on healing. 

Lisa identified that Israel had a younger brother with a 'J' name and was referencing an Xbox. Israel has a brother named Jack to whom he gave his Xbox 1 for Xmas the day before he passed.

My favorite part was when Lisa said Israel was waving goodbye and smiling, then putting up his middle finger while still smiling, and asked if he swore all the time because he was currently swearing a lot. He did both all the time. I think the middle finger smile combo is his special I love you.😅 He is a very lighthearted funny guy and even though we talk all the time it is great to get a burst of validations once in awhile to keep you going.

Thank you so much to Collette, Israel, Lisa and the HPH group! What a great job all the kids did with Lisa!!

~Jessica Smart

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