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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Kim Basher's Validations through Suzanne Giesemann

Kim Basher's Validations through Suzanne Giesemann

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

I had the most FANTASTIC reading with Suzanne Giesemann on Dec 31.  The accuracy and sheer number of items mentioned was astonishing. Several golden nuggets, and many many validations confirmed that my loved ones are TRULY by my side. This gift gave me so much peace and healing.  
My daughter Ciannon, my husband Tony and parents leapt into the conversation immediately.
Tony died shortly after my beautiful daughter and decided that showing Suzanne an image of a great big tongue logo was his way to tell me he was right here.  The Rolling Stones were his all-time favorite band and he proudly wore that emblem on shirts, jackets, even ties! Here is a picture of all of us on vacation, and another is the small box of the only things I have saved of his (pic).  WOW right?  She validated the way he passed, his personality, his adoration of Cadbury bars, a beloved briefcase I had given him and the exact description of a bracelet he had given me. 

My beautiful daughter Ciannon once told me an astonishing story when she was 5. She said we were 2 dolphins in our past lives and that she had saved my life when I was stuck in a net!  Above is a picture of a dolphin ring that I had given her. Suzanne said she “took this ring off her hand and is putting it on yours”. Awww.  I do wear this often.  

She validated her “curly ringlets” and “love of animals, and that she wanted to be a veterinarian” (alike her parents). Goosebumps!!! (pic)  She mentioned that one of her favorite items was an “embroidered pillow” – she adored this small pillow that I made her, and I would fill with treasures. (pic)  Ciannon's favorite caretaker WAS” Jennifer”, she would often throw real “confetti hearts” at me, and I often told her she had a “Midas touch”.  Ciannon said that she “SMELLS the candles that I burn” (I burn a LOT of candles),  And lastly, that “You knew/know my heart”. She was WITHOUT A DOUBT, my very best friend, our hearts were connected as one. 

This is not the place to discuss parental “visits”, however the validations I received from my parents was profound. The accuracy in personalities and statements of their loveless actions confirmed and filled the gaping wound in my heart. 

I KNOW for sure now. There is HOPE. They are HERE!! And they LOVE us!

Thank you dear Suzanne and Helping Parents Heal…. I came out of my pit in 2022 thanks to HPH, David Kessler’s grief support, and all the many resources found here.  I have grown from a very lost soul to a hopeful, dare I say grateful one.   

~LOVE to you ALL from Kim Basher, Ciannon’s forever mom  

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