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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Lori Getzwiller's Validation with her son Tyler through Drew Cali

Lori Getzwiller's Validation with her son Tyler through Drew Cali

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
To start off, this is my 1st reading with Drew. I just finished with his reading, and right off the bat my father and my father-in-law stood beside Tyler, our son who's across the veil. My father in law Drew said 'left by a massive heart attack went very fast.' I CONFIRMED, AT A STOP SIGN. WITH HIS FOOT STILL ON THE BREAK WHEN BY STANDERS FOUND HIM.
Tyler just kept repeating after that I'm so so sorry I left the way I did, TYLER WAS GIVEN WHAT HE BELIEVED TO BE A PERCOCET, he cut it up in 4 pieces, and 1/4 he took with the remaining 3 quarters on the bedside table. Jaimi, his sister, was in prison when Ty left she never got to say goodbye, but he said, sis there are NO GOODBYES.  NEXT, Jaimi's dad appeared, who passed due to alcoholism in a trailer fire; she never got to say goodbye or see either one, her dad was there validating their sparse relationship and how sorry he was that she had such a difficult childhood when I was married to him.
My ex also showed up with Kat Baillie after 20 min and he wouldn't leave; Kat kept saying that the reading was for my son to come through, however, he never left, finally Kat, who is the sweetest, said 'I need to break this connection so we will reschedule another date.'  And she did and it and it was just as beautiful and validating as Tyler's best buddy Fara Gibson's readings we've had, he knows he can drop all his sayings and F-bombs with her, and he'll show up in other kids' readings as well, he's very open with these five mediums we found on the HPH website. All 5 have told me I'm kept here to help heal people in need.
Also, NO ONE KNOWS THIS.  Tyler said 'Tell Drew how many pairs of shoes you own...157 pairs...'
For those who don't know I've been in the medical field for 23 years now helping people recover from their surgical procedure, but today I believe that it's pointing to helping parents heal from their tragic passing of their loved one /one's. If money is tight start saving for a reading, if maybe you really want a reading but someone is keeping you from it, belief, religion whatever the case may be, Don't go through the rest of your life wishing you did. They are there waiting for you when your ready!
God Bless You Tyler, don't be sorry for what happened, We Love you Unconditionally Forever. 
Mom and Dad
~Lori Getzwiller, Tyler's proud mom

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