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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Maggie Bills' Validation with her son Danny through Jennifer Brazier

Maggie Bills' Validation with her son Danny through Jennifer Brazier

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 3
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Danny/Danny and his Chicago White Sox hat/Jennifer Brazier

My name is Maggie, and I went to the Father's Day Event on June 21st in Phoenix with Jennifer Brazier. When Jennifer spoke to me I was so emotional, Danny's passing is quite recent.

She mentioned a man who was wearing different baseball uniforms. Baseball was in his younger years, so it threw me off. When I was making a collage of Danny's pictures in a frame, I placed a few pictures with different baseball uniforms in it. She also said that Danny was 23, and he is 23.

Also, Jennifer said he had his favorite baseball team hat in his room. I knew he had one hat, but I thought it was an Orioles Team hat, so I said no that was not his favorite team.

When I got home, I saw that the hat, which was once red not orange, was a Chicago White Sox hat that faded to orange. She was right! The Chicago White Sox is Danny's favorite Team. I was confused by all this, because Danny no longer spoke to me about baseball. However, when he was younger, it was a great part of his life.

I used to believe that perhaps mediums just read your mind, but the fact that I did not know that hat was a White Sox hat validates that Jennifer was not reading my mind.

She is amazing and was so compassionate! Please thank her for me.

Also, thank you all for the warmth and compassion I felt that day. 

~Maggie Bills

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