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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Nicole Niehaus' Validation with her son, Jack

Nicole Niehaus' Validation with her son, Jack

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 5
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Clockwise from Left: Jack as Batman, the red 'heart on a stick,' Flower Mandala at Jack's Celebration of Life, Lisa Wilcoxson, Jack, saved flowers from the Mandala that were floated out to sea

I was beyond amazed and overjoyed when Jack came through the group medium session with Lisa Wilcoxson.  He had just passed on April 24, 2024 and this has been so raw and new.  I have had so many signs….and If you had asked me three months ago if I believed in all the signs, connections, communications from the other side, I probably would have said no. However, from the day we heard the news, the signs have been there….many many signs.  

Joining the Gallery Reading was life changing.  We had previously had 2 private sessions with 2 different mediums.  The first, although seemed hopeful, only seemed to give information that was public knowledge easily found in an article published about the accident and his obituary.  Therefore, after we felt a bit duped.  I wasn’t sure about doing it again.  However, we did seek another medium and this time I definitely felt he was NOT coming through.  I felt confident in the medium, but things were just off.  She even knew it.  Then, I signed up for the group session just to watch and observe.  I was SHOCKED when Jack, 100%, came through as the last kid in the reading. He came through clearly to speak to my daughter Natalya, his sister, who was sitting with me. She has been struggling so much and felt she lost her soul mate.  She and Jack were so deeply connected and close.  I know he KNEW he needed to reach her.    

The very first message didn’t resonate….that being about plastic baggies preserving his belongings.  So, I didn’t think it was him.  My daughter got up to go into the other room.  But then, the next thing Lisa said that he was saying he “was a Cookie Monster.”  Natalya came running in because that was what she called him.  And since he passed, Natalya even sent us cookies (that he would have loved) with a card that said “for our cookie monster.”  Lisa then made reference to “hiding the cookies.”  Immediately, we both thought of a story where he actually hid the empty cookie package in the pantry, instead of the trash, because he had “stolen” his sister’s cookies and knew she would look in the trash for the wrapper.  We were feeling for sure it was Jack.  Then, when Lisa asked him for his name, the answer was “My name is Bruce Wayne, I’m Batman.”  We 100% knew a that point, it had to be Jack.  We have videos of him running around in the last 2 years saying “I’m Batman”. His best friend, in his celebration of life, even referenced  funny antics of Jack talking in a “Dark Knight” Batman voice into a cup to sound just like the character.

The next message Lisa saw  was “a heart on a stick”…Lisa said he was showing a heart on a stick, like a heart stuck on a flower arrangement.  It didn’t immediately resonate with me.  However, later that night, upon reflecting about the reading, we recalled a glass heart that mysteriously appeared prominently on a branch/stick in a tree right outside of my front door on the second day after we learned of Jack’s passing.  I have no idea who put it there. In fact, that very day I watched the Ring camera to look for someone walking near the front door to put it in the tree, but no motion or a person ever was captured on camera. I now feel certain Jack was referencing that glass heart!!!  

Lisa then mentioned “you pressed the flowers” or “you saved the flowers.”  This resonated so much for us.  Not only did Natalya save the middle part of a rose from the celebration of life and let it dry.  But, we had a flower mandala at the Celebration of Life and we saved all the flowers and floated them into the Puget Sound with some candles and floating lanterns with messages just a week before we had the session with Lisa.  

Lisa said, somebody’s fingernail turned black….like it was hit with a hammer….like your fingernail is going to fall off.  This exact thing happened to Natalya when we were all living under one roof during Covid.  She dropped a vacuum cleaner on her big toe and it turned black and eventually fell off.  He was speaking to her for sure. 

The next message was about having coffee mugs that hang on hooks.  This IS BOTH OF US!  Natalya and I each, at our respective homes, have a free stranding hook with our coffee mugs hanging on them.  Lisa was so specific that they aren’t in a cabinet, but hanging on a hook. I was trying so hard to type and not lose the screen because I was only on my phone!  I was shaking.  I knew it was Jack.

Then, Lisa called on me.  She said she had been drawn to me from beginning!  I did love hearing that and that was so reassuring.  We didn’t even get to confirm and tell Lisa about the coffee cups, the heart, and the black toenail!  

Once I connected with Lisa, she mentioned football.  This puzzled me as he was a huge baseball player throughout his childhood through high school.  But, he did play peewee football.  But, then she said he liked talking about football more than playing it.  And, well that was true!  Hence, he stopped playing it and only stuck with baseball. 

The piano was referenced and he was saying “Mom, Mom, Mom” trying to play the piano.  I played the piano early in my life, but not anymore.  But, I do know throughout his life he had occasionally heard me play (or TRY to play).  Moreover, Jack had an obsession with music by Hans Zimmer.  It is all instrumental and a lot of his works are movie scores...including The Dark Knight (one of Jack’s favs).  We actually played a bunch of Hans Zimmer songs during his celebration of life in the background. Jack and I had a connection through music.  A lot of the signs I have been receiving have been through music and randomly suggested songs on my Spotify.   So, for him to tell me to meditate with “music with no words”, I will heed.  

Then Lisa mentioned the caravan of people going.  This has been really sticking with me regarding the manner in which he passed.  He was on an island in Thailand and was with 3 friends.  They had each rented a motorbike to get around.  So, that night, they had driven the motorbikes to the Full Moon party on the beach.  This makes sense about the “multiple cars”, the going to the beach to “chill” and moreover, something she referenced earlier.  She said “he lost his direction” and “he was going in circles”.  The little information we do know is that his bike broke down and he called a friend to come help and come get him.  It was shortly after, Jack and his friend were riding on one bike and appear to have been driving in the opposite direction from the hotel and upon tracing the phone’s tracking almost showed them going in a circle. They were hit head on, and both tragically lost their lives together.  Lisa mentioned the name David.  I said no, it didn’t ring a bell, but I wish I would have clarified.  His best friend was, Daniel, with whom he was traveling with as well.  Daniel and David are so similar, I feel as if he was trying to say something about Daniel or to Daniel.

Lisa said she knew she needed to acknowledge a Jeep.  We understood that.  His best friend and roommate, Finn, had recently bought a Jeep from Hannah’s dad (a mutual best friend to them both).  Jack had spent time riding in that Jeep with his friend, Hannah, in high school and it just came full circle that Finn, his other best friend and roommate, bought that exact Jeep. When she said he said, “let your light shine” we thought it was a nice message, but didn’t hit until several days later when we were with Hannah.  She was shocked, because she literally wears a bracelet that says, “let your light shine.”  

Lisa brought up “incense burning” and “that he was so spiritual”…burning the incense like a Buddhist monk.  She said he was “seeking higher consciousness” and that “he is fine.”  This was spot on since he had passed in Thailand and we had him cremated in a Buddhist temple, with Buddhist monks,  in Bangkok.  The seeking consciousness really does resonate as I knew down deep, he was not content in his life.  This is not to say he wasn’t happy.  He was happy.   But, he was definitely searching for the meaning of life.  He was feeling “stuck” in the rut of the “is this what I am to do for the rest of my life (regarding his career).  He wasn’t ready to have a girlfriend because he literally would say, “I need to figure out my own life and path before I can take on another person.”  He even talked about making a spreadsheet to help him map out how to succeed in his life.  He definitely was seeking SOMETHING.  I knew this, as his mom, that he was ok, but unsettled and not fully content.  Now I can honestly say, he wasn’t fully content in the life here on Earth. I so hope he is fully content where he is now.  

Lisa felt strongly she needed to move to his sister.  My daughter, has tattoos, but they weren’t visible but Lisa confirmed that she knew she did and was talking to the right person. 

The next few messages for my daughter, Natalya were so validating.  Lisa asked if there was a new diamond ring.  She is engaged and was planning a big wedding in September.  She said he even said “whoa, that is a big rock.”  In December, when Jack saw her ring in person, he actually said almost those exact words.  She then referenced Jack saying “I don’t have to wear shoes.”  This resonated because, due to his recent passing, Natalya cancelled her big wedding and opted for a small, backyard wedding so they could just take off their shoes and dance in the grass.  I can only assume he was saying he approves and will be present at her wedding.  Then Lisa said he was literally doing a handstand.  He often would do this against a wall and try to do push ups! 

There was another message about the “little kids” that Lisa revisited because he said, “baby baby baby” and that he would be there with her future kids. This, was so poignant because Natalya had just recently said she probably didn’t want to have kids anymore because she was so devastated by this loss, that she would surely screw up her future kids.  However, we both took this as his message to not to worry, because he would be there with her all the way.  

Lastly, when she said her throat got scratchy, and that her voice was changing, we immediately got it.  He would often get a “phlegmy, scratchy voice” and we would always say to him, “Jack, clear your throat.”  We would literally make the sound of ”eh hem” like to tell him to clear his throat.  It was always as if when his voice got scratchy, he didn’t even know or care.  It would sound so weird and bothered us!  We bugged him all the time about it!

All I know is this, those were messages from Jack. It brought us all a lot of peace.  I think he was acknowledging his friends, Finn, Hannah, Daniel and, his sister, Natalya.  I know that Lisa’s gift is genuine and pure and that she can interpret these messages from these kids 100%.  

Thank you for providing these events. And thank you HPH.

~Jack’s Mom, Nicole Niehaus

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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