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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Mary Beth and Jerry Creighton's Validation from their son Zach

Mary Beth and Jerry Creighton's Validation from their son Zach

  • Posted
    • May
    • 1
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

My husband and I wanted to share a few of the highlights of our wonderful sitting with Fara Gibson who connected so beautifully with our son Zach. Even though we were speaking via the phone, we felt comfortable and immediately at ease with Fara. She quickly connected with Zach and provided information that confirmed details about his life, his wit, and his transition to Heaven. Fara stated that we could see Zach to my right. This table with pictures is to the right of the chair I was sitting on. 


We were amazed, when Fara correctly stated that there were ashes of two of our dogs in the room with Zach’s! She also said there was a car in the room as well. We confirmed the presence of Zach’s treasured BMW M3 schematic sitting directly in front of us. At one time he owned this car, and although he didn’t keep it (as correctly stated by Fara), it was a favorite. 


Our eyes went wide when she told us Zach was laughing about laser hair removal. We all laughed when we told her how Zach, in his early twenties, had bought a package of hair removal treatment sessions so his chest wouldn’t be so hairy. Fara then described the fun and challenging time Zach and Jerry had lining up the replacement engine in the project car. Good times! 

She relayed Zach’s love for his brothers. He told her to mention Colorado. That is exactly where his youngest brother was at visiting! We also confirmed her message that Zach’s other brother was anticipating an upcoming work change. When she stated that there was a little case of cars in the other room, we weren’t sure what that meant. It occurred to us later it could be the little cars in my Star Wars collection. Zach is a long time fan. 


Fara said I have connected with Zach myself. I’m blessed to have encouragement and support from others as well as access to resources such as HPH to help me in this endeavor. The night before this session, I had a dream visit with a wonderful hug. 


One final highlight. Fara described a globe light which we thought may be a reference to a new decorative solar light in our front garden. After our time was over though, my husband walked into our bathroom and exclaimed, “I don’t believe it!”. A light over our bathtub which hasn’t worked in over twenty years, is working again. It is shining bright again, glowing above Zach’s palm plant that we put there. Amazing!


We are grateful to have had this time with Fara. The information she shared deepened our knowing that our Zach is with us and surrounded by love. 

~Mary Beth and Jerry Creighton

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