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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Our New HPH - Charlottesville Affiliate Group

Our New HPH - Charlottesville Affiliate Group

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 12
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Please join me in welcoming our newest Affiliate Leader from Charlottesville, VA, Owen Jaeger! We are grateful that she will be helping us!
Amy Boyer Cox
Amy is the mother of 3 beautiful children, McKellar, who transitioned on July 1, 2017 and 22 year old twins, Will and Claire. McKellar gave Amy the gift of knowing he was still in existence on July, 2nd 2017, when she woke and could visibly see a beautiful energetic field moving all around her room. That experience began her journey of researching the afterlife and how to establish a non-physical relationship with McKellar. After finding Helping Parents Heal, her healing journey skyrocketed. Her desire to become an affiliate leader is to offer hope, compassion, non-judgement, love and healing to other parents that she received as a member of HPH. She also wants to demonstrate that healing is possible with our children right by our side. Amy is a Reiki Master, 21st Century Shaman, Grief Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Retired Massage Therapist.
Owen Jaeger
I am mom to my daughter, Reynolds (1993) and son, John (1992) who transitioned from an accidental overdose August 7, 2022. He was always so much more than the SUD brain disease by being the proud dad to his daughter, having the most tender heart, contagious laugh, witty sense of humor and lover of the outdoors like none other! When I discovered his body that morning, I went on a mad quest to “find” him by gathering all his physical belongings and communications to us via letters, texts, and videos. Searching for him quickly launched a spiritual awakening within me. Through a medium, who is now an approved HPH medium, I was led to HPH, my tribe of like-minded parents who, through our pain and heartbreak, experience the wonder of Spirit through beautiful, soulful connections with our children. I experience joy knowing that John is with me every step of the way and I believe my journey of expanded awareness and soul connection with John is our souls’ plan. He has taught me first and foremost that love never dies. John has been a remarkable communicator sending beautiful signs, dream visits with his sister, electronic wackiness and angel numbers in abundance! I have gone from the agonizing despair of longing for his physical presence to being thankful for his communications to knowing he is with me all the time. In trying to find John, I am finding my true self in large part because of his transition and the HPH community – all of which I hope to be able to share with others on their own healing journey.
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