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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Stephanie Agosta's Validation with her son Pavel through Susanne Wilson

Stephanie Agosta's Validation with her son Pavel through Susanne Wilson

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 13
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Susanne Wilson/Pavel (Pasha) Grigorovich Christian Klimkin Agosta 

I won a reading with Susanne Wilson through the 'Inspire Hope and Healing' raffle with HPH. 

When my Pavel entered the reading, Susanne Wilson starting saying "Passion, Passion" - She indicated that a woman was yelling out "Passion" in her ear.  I knew that was Pasha right away.  I said, 'Pasha" was what she was hearing.  She said there was a young man with a bunch of aunties around him.  They were not speaking English, she interpreted it as Slavic or Polish - wow, I knew that was him.

Pavel was born in Russia in 1989, and indeed he came to us at 4 1/2 only speaking Russian.  He was brought up in an orphanage surrounded by my middle-aged aunties who cared for the children.  Susanne mentioned there was a bell rung when it was time to eat.  Indeed, my husband who made the trip to Russia verified that a bell was used to draw the children in for eating and out of the playground.  Darn, this was exciting.

Once she established that Pasha was here, Susanne said "Pasha says 'hello' to Chris, don't worry about the medical bills - just get yourself healthy". Indeed, my only brother Chris is going through chemo and radiation for Lymphoma.  She also mentioned it had moved from stage 3 to stage 2 and she again was spot on.

Then, I was really floored when she said there is a 333 over my head, gold on the outside and red in the center.  333 is my number for Pavel.  Once he passed I have seen 33 and 333 continuously, so much that I had to start documenting every single 33 or 333.  I knew we were past just reading his life, and into reading his soul at that point.

Susanne said, "St Patricks Day."  Yes, Patrick was my father-in-law who was Pasha's best buddy, and he had passed 2 years before Pasha.

Here are Pasha's words to Susanne.  "I wanted to help people. I wanted to heal them. My mother does it now, she uses her hands."

Pasha worked with disabled youth and adults.  When he passed, I took over his clients and cared for them.  I also got my Reiki certification level one and two from Shelly Wilson whom I met through HPH.

Then she said "Christian."  Of course, Pasha 'came' with his name from Russia, but I had added Christian as a second middle name just to give him an American flare.

He then communicated "I talk to my mom in the mornings, but sometimes she thinks it is just her voice." All true.

"My mom wrote a book, it's about me."  True, I wrote Snow Soldiers about his adoption.  I hope this book can be available at the HPH conference in August.

The day before the reading I told my husband that being Pasha's mom was my "heaven on earth." Susanne just belts out this phrase "Heaven on Earth."  I understood.

The final message was "look for the little things Mom, you don't have to do big things to honor me." This really resonated with me because I had been struggling with "doing more" even though we have sponsored a village in the Republic of Congo in his name, women sponsored businesses in the village of Kirotshe. We also helped sponsor a Thrift store that employs disabled people in Denver Colorado. The store is dedicated to Pasha, the organization he was employed by at the time are the initiators of the store. 

"We are all being called upon. Tune in mom, you have the gift."  Yes, I have taken mediumship classes and I do have gifts in seeing spirit.

My reading was amazing Elizabeth.  I cannot thank you enough.  

~Stephanie Agosta

Pavel (Pasha) Grigorovich Christian Klimkin Agosta 

(He told Susanne - "my name is a mile long")

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