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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Regina Holman's Validation from her son Jonathan from Medium Drew

Regina Holman's Validation from her son Jonathan from Medium Drew

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 21
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Jonathan and his parents, Jonathan and his dogs, Drew Polifrone, Jonathan as a music producer

First, I must say that Drew Polifrone is very gifted medium. I listened to him while he was sharing information with another “Shining Light Parent” and I thought to myself, he really is very compassionate. When he finished up the reading with the mom another thought that ran through my mind was about my son Jonathan, who transitioned 3 years ago, would have really liked him because he is so real. Not sure why I thought that. But then I found out…

Drew said he had a young man by the name of Jonathan or Jon. Then he mentioned cancer. My ears perked up, but my son did not have cancer. Drew kept saying Jon and I thought could this be for me. Because, you see my husband’s name is Jon and he has been diagnosed with cancer. It seemed to hit close to home. Well, it was my Jonathan talking to Drew. I was blown away.

Everything he said about Jonathan was true. He talked about his music; my son was a music producer. As a teen he worked in studios with established producers and learned his craft. Jonathan loved all types of music and worked with a lot of different musicians. Jonathan was very gifted. Drew said he played the piano, which was another validation, but Jonathan said he didn’t think he had a good voice. Of course, I said I loved his voice.

He then told me about our dogs that are with Jonathan.  He described them perfectly.  He tugged at my heart strings when he told me Jonathan wanted me to know that he adored me and he was happy and doing what he loves. The funny thing about Jonathan using the word “adored” I use to sing him a song that I made up a song about how much I adored him.   Drew did mention that Jonathan had social anxiety and I understood him and helped him.  That made me cry because this is what I needed to know.   This reading came at the perfect time.  It’s been very difficult dealing with my husband’s cancer and I have been yearning for my son and his big hugs.  Well with the help of Drew and Helping Parents Heal I received one. 

~Thank you, Regina Homan

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