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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Susan Sigurdson's Validation with her son Kev through Lisa Wilcoxson

Susan Sigurdson's Validation with her son Kev through Lisa Wilcoxson

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 27
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Lisa Wilcoxson/Kev Sigurdson

Thank you so much for pioneering HPH! It’s been, and is, a huge support for me since my 26 year old son, Kev, transitioned on Feb.26/21. I listened to Lisa’s fascinating readings a couple days ago, and want to list some of Lisa Wilcoxson’s messages that resonated with me. I have no doubt my son knew I would connect the dots to him coming through today. I guess this is called “piggybacking”. He’s done this before in other Medium group readings I’ve attended online. I’ve listed here some of the things Lisa said that resonated with me:

I’m a piano teacher, and play a lot of classical music. The song Lisa mentioned, 'Clair de Lune,' is one of my favourites!  I think that’s pretty cool.

-his picture is right in front of me (everyday); it’s on a bookshelf that I always sit facing

-I had an empty beer can beside me just before Lisa’s talk; I’m a heavy drinker, “going in circles” trying to quit, and Kev was concerned about this

-Kev was “going in circles”
with a fentanyl addiction; he was trying very hard to quit, but transitioned due to an accidental overdose

-Kev always wore a special silver chain I had bought from Mexico; the days following his transition, I held that chain in my hand for solace; a few days later it vanished…5 minutes after I put it on a coffee table in my living room. We looked everywhere for it, and it wasn’t until about 3 years later I found it. I had “prayed/talked to Kev on Mother’s Day”, and asked if he could miraculously let me find his chain. I was shocked to find it an hour later!! The first Evidential Medium I had consulted with told me this would happen, and definitely be a sign from Kev

-I have a special silver chain with a heart locket, that contains Kev’s grandmother’s ashes; he was extremely “close to his grandmother” (my mother)

-I see hearts all the time in the clouds

-Kev’s brother was devastated when he died, but definitely used humour to console himself and all of our family

-Right after Kev died, his brother said his biggest regret was not taking Kev on a trip to Hawaii; his brother recently went to Hawaii and he was thinking of spreading some of Kev’s ashes out there

- “all the different shades of blue”; Kev’s favourite colour is blue; he loved nature, and especially hiking a long lakes

These are some of the things that I sensed were messages from Kev. I might have missed some of them. I’ll listen to the recording and see.
I knew my son Kev was with me the entire time, enjoying Lisa’s beautiful session!
I can hardly wait to join in on Lisa’s next event, and maybe hear more messages from Kev!! It was also awesome to hear the messages from other people’s loved ones. Especially from the girl who came through so amazingly detailed (sorry, I don’t recall her name at the moment).

Thanks again Elizabeth, and to all of you! See you soon at another event! 

With love,
~Susan Sigurdson

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.

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