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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Jane Butterworth's Validation from her daughter Alice through Christopher Mendez

Jane Butterworth's Validation from her daughter Alice through Christopher Mendez

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 27
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Christopher Mendez/Alice/Alice messing with Jane's playlist
So wonderful to receive a message last night from Christopher.  Thank you for hosting this special event.
Many thanks to HPH and Christopher Mendez for a wonderful message from my daughter Alice, who identified as non-binary.  Alice has come through several mediums with an indeterminate gender and not surprisingly this was the case with Christopher as well. 
So many validations, not the least of which is a wildflower garden that I started in honor of Alice after they transitioned in June 2021.  Also, I frequently drive long distances at which time Alice constantly messes with my playlist as well as other phenomena.  Just about a year ago I was bringing my lovely 92-year-old friend to an area of the city where Alice and I would frequently hang out together.  I hadn't been there since Alice had transitioned as it was just too painful. 
As we were driving Alice let me know loud and clear that she was with us.  The screen froze where I had been previously channel surfing on the radio and stayed that way for almost 24 hours.  Never had that happened before or since that incident. 
Lastly, Christopher was drawn straight away to a painting with a Japanese fan behind me. Well, Alice is a huge fan of Japan(!), especially the culture and art (and shiba inus).  My question to Christopher was "How is Alice presenting in terms of hair style?"  to which he replied "pink and purple hair with pom poms on the side".  Afterwards I googled 'hair styles pom poms on each side' and discovered Kawaii which refers to a style in Japanese culture that translates to 'cute', 'tiny' or 'lovable'. That is quintessential Alice!  And continuing to share with and teach me about new things in their world..
With love, 
~Jane Butterworth
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