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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Tennessee on the Porch by Galen Call

Tennessee on the Porch by Galen Call

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 24
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

The Pleiades: Joyce McLaughlin, Galen Call, Sian Anamosa, Heidi Mairs, Sharon Kotchetovsky, Vivienne Sequeira & Mary Yamamoto/The Children Who Made It Happen

A weekend long conversation on the porch became the essence of our gathering. After 4 years of meeting exclusively by zoom, consistently month after month, we finally came together for the first time, in person, on June 21st.

We originally met through the class Communicating with Our Loved Ones with Mary Bertun in 2020 during the pandemic. She was a presenter in June of that year when HPH offered everything online. This provided the opportunity to meet mediums, teachers, metaphysical scientists, healers, angel whisperers, psychics and more as well as a host of new and more seasoned parents on the grief and healing journey.

We 7 moms arrived at Joyce McLaughlin's beautiful home in Tennessee one by one from: California, Galen Call; Texas, Sian Anamosa and Heidi Mairs; Pennsylvania, Sharon Kotchetovsky; Washington DC, Vivienne Sequeira and Michigan, Mary Yamamoto. It was joyous and full of intense soulful sharing about who-we-are as people. We celebrated angel dates for Heide’s son Chip and Sharon’s son Scottie, we experienced a meaningful Summer Solstice fire ceremony, we visited an alpaca farm, and hiked in the heat to a glorious waterfall.

The experience began with an extraordinary spiritual validation within the hour of the last guest (Viv) arriving through the door. Two days earlier, Joyce and her daughter Dawn, had a reading with medium Suzanne Giesmann. A startling piece of evidence from the reading arrived when Viv showed up at the house. Along with all the ingredients for our Saturday night dinner, Viv had a special and unique gift for Joyce; a Montana crafted grass braid.  

Wide-eyed, Joyce proceeded to tell us that in Suzanne's reading, while bringing through daughter Michelle in spirit, she mentioned seeing Michelle “braiding grass.” Suzanne asked if Michelle did that as a craft project when in the physical which left Dawn and Joyce puzzled. .…until Viv laid it on the table!!! We all cheered, felt spirit chills and knew without a doubt this was a sign from Michelle. And thus began our highly charged, energetic coming together. This spiritual bang was the bind between us.  

The friendship love we felt for each other as healing parents, the rewarding vulnerability we found in sharing our hearts and stories, and the laughter that filled the gaps constantly was amazing and wonderful.  We are 7 soul sisters aptly named Pleiades.  

Thank you HPH, we couldn’t have done it without you!

~Galen Call, Affiliate Leader, HPH - Monterey Peninsula, Chat with Galen Call

Joyce McClaughlin created the beautiful quilt, Metamorphosis, to auction off at this year's HPH Conference.  Please learn more about the quilt and the auction by clicking here.  


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