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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
The Awakening

The Awakening

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 22
    • 2022
by Elizabeth Boisson

Craig McMahon delves into this four-part spirituality docuseries were he covers topics that will shed light on all the spiritual things needed to help us navigate into the "new earth". Some refer to this as 5D, the big shift, end of times and revelations. We will learn how to stop annoying repetitive karma cycles, clear past traumas and rise above once and for all. We will learn how to live in the harmony and finally say farewell to discord. We will learn how to become master manifesters by attracting loving relationships, compassion, abundance, kindness and truth. The series also sheds light on how to learn from love instead of the old earth way of pain and suffering. We also learn how to connect and have direct communication to the divine truth ourselves. All of these topics bring us to the understanding that there is no death. Life to Afterlife has just announced a brand new Academy where people can take lecture style courses on topics covered in the Life to Afterlife series.

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