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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
The Wisdom of Greg - The Dove

The Wisdom of Greg - The Dove

  • Posted
    • Nov
    • 16
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Bill is just an ordinary guy who has had extraordinary things happen to him since the passing of his son Greg. Susan writes it all down. The Calgary, Canada affiliate leaders are on an amazing journey with their son. 
It says in the introduction to this column that "Bill is just an ordinary guy who has had extraordinary things happen to him" since the passing of our son Greg.  What we're about to tell you, dear Shining Light Parents, is one of those very extraordinary things.
It may take a bit of a leap on your part, because what Bill experienced on this occasion was in an incredibly vivid dream. But time and time again, it's been demonstrated to Bill that the way he dreams is very out of the ordinary. His dreams are incredibly vivid, lucid and etched in his memory. 
In his dream state, Bill is able to connect and communicate with the other side and with our son Greg in particular. This didn't start happening to Bill until very shortly after our son passed nine years ago at age 27 from the effects of drug abuse. We've come to believe that the trauma of our son's transition activated something in Bill that goes far beyond the way that so many of us dream, if we even remember our dreams at all.
Bill had this beautiful dream eight months after Greg passed. Here is what Bill dreamed, in his words:
"First Greg appears in my dream and he's Heavenly above me in spirit. I know he's with me, and I've seen him this way several times before. As the dream continues I see that Sue and I are sleeping in our bedroom. In my dream, I wake up and I look over at Sue sleeping next to me. I look above her head and there is a dove hovering above her. It was beautiful, white and silver and translucent, and it shimmered like it was cut from diamonds. It was a bird not from this Earth, and angel-like. It was big, three feet across, and it was flapping its wings in slow motion, up and down, making a light whooshing sound as its wings flapped. It was peaceful and awe inspiring. 
"In my dream, I tell Sue to wake up and she sees the dove hovering above her head. Then, as we're looking at it, it moves over and does the same thing above my head, inches away from my face. At first I was a little frightened because it was so close to me, but then I realized there was nothing to fear because I knew it was sent by God to protect us. 
"As soon as I realized that there was nothing to fear I found myself on the ceiling of our bedroom, as if out of my body and looking down at the two of us lying in bed with the dove still hovering above my head. I watched from above as the dove moved between us and it stayed there for some time. 
"My attention is then drawn away from the dove and I look down at my feet. There is a blank page with a tiny little symbol in the bottom left-hand corner, and I say to Greg that it's too small and I can't see it.
"As I'm thinking that I can't see it, it starts to come up towards me and gets bigger and bigger and gets really large in front of me, and it expands to the point where it becomes like a coat of arms in a square box. In the middle of the coat of arms is a yellow sun framed at the bottom by a horseshoe-shaped green laurel wreath. 
"Then my focus is drawn to words that are just below the laurel wreath at the bottom, and in my dream I read it out loud and it says in black capital letters KINSHIP IS FRIENDSHIP. And I wake up."
There's a lot to unpack in this dream. Several months later, as we were pretty new to this sort of thing, we realized this was the first time Bill was aware that he astral projected, meaning his spirit moved out of his body as he viewed the two of us in our bed from above.
Of course, the most moving aspect of Bill's dream was the appearance of the astoundingly beautiful dove. It's important to stress here that when he had this dream, Bill would never have described himself as a religious person, and when he recounted this dream to me he said he only had a hunch that the dove had some sort of spiritual meaning. The dove often represents peace and love, and in Christian symbolism, it denotes the Holy Spirit. In other cultures, it symbolizes important qualities like devotion, faithfulness, and hope.
The laurel wreath traces back to ancient Greece and represents triumph and victory, especially in an athletic competition like the Olympics. 'Kinship is Friendship' is a phrase we believe means that the relationship between members of a family can go beyond the blood relationship and mean friendship as well.  
Bill remembered after he had this dream that several months before Greg passed, they talked about how great it would be to have a family coat of arms. In an incredibly beautiful and meaningful experience shared by our son on the other side with his father, Greg delivered. 
If you would like to hear more about our amazing experiences, Bill and I have twice spoken to HPH and the videos are available on the HPH YouTube channel: click here HPH welcomed Susan & Bill Van Oije, 'From Wow to How!' - YouTube  for our most recent video detailing the beautiful messages Greg gives us about how to live our best life in this very challenging place and grow our souls, and click here  On February 3rd, Bill Van Oije spoke to Helping Parents Heal - YouTube for the video in which Bill details some of the astounding signs we've received from our son.
~Written by Susan Van Oije with Bill and Greg
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