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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Margaret Anderson's Validation with her son, Kenny through Fara Gibson

Margaret Anderson's Validation with her son, Kenny through Fara Gibson

  • Posted
    • Nov
    • 16
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Clockwise from left: Kenny and his brother, feathers from Kenny, Dia de los Meurtos altar, Fara Gibson, 'Land Before Time' pin, our stuffed Brontosaurus.


I’m Margaret, I have been a member of Arizona HPH for almost 10 years, I am also the affiliate leader for HPH Single Parents. My son Ken transcended 19 years ago this past October 29th. It seems like a long time, but because his energy is still so present in my life it feels like yesterday. Ken is my “teammate” always looking out for me, always letting me know he is here with me in so many ways. Recently, I was fortunate to have been part of a private event where Fara Gibson shared amazing validations. Let me first say that when there are so many Mediums to choose from, there are only a handful that truly stand out. The ones that stand out, you follow, schedule private readings with or attend events they speak at. I’ve been following Fara for about 7 years, she’s local and she also supports HPH.


At this event, Ken came through with flying colors. First validation was Fara describing a stuffed animal with a “long neck like a giraffe”. Then she stated that this young man passed many years ago, she is motioning with her open hand showing five fingers and then some, i.e., 15+. I had a feeling it was Ken but wasn’t sure YET. But I remembered that one of Kens favorite movies was The Land Before Time and he had a 15” stuffed animal of one of the main characters “little foot” who was a Brontosaurus, in the movie they are called “long necks” like the "giraffe" Fara was describing. (see pic)


Then Ken told her “You honored me in a space” and that I had “just loaded it up to take it somewhere”. Of course, he was referring to the “ofrenda/altar” that I made for him for Dia de los Muertos a few weeks ago. I had just packed up the decorations last week. (see pic) Then he told her that he sends me feathers all the time and that I have them “displayed in a circle in a piece of art”. Yes, Ken is famous for sending me feathers, and I don’t just mean laying on the ground, they are actually planted in the ground! After collecting them for a time and having no way to display them I went shopping for a frame or shadowbox and stumbled on this piece of art that had white feathers in a circle. The canvas was on clearance because part of the feathers in the design were missing but it was PERFECT for what I needed, thank you Ken!


That is where the feathers are placed now. (see pics). Fara was right on! Then Ken started talking about my personal/love life and that is where this "share" ends, because private is private after all. Let me finish by saying my son doesn’t come through for all the mediums, he must like them and trust them. With his anniversary just passing, October 29, and the holidays coming up, I am grateful that he trusted Fara. Thank you Fara!  


~Written by Kenny's Mom, Margaret Anderson

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