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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Wendy Marie Wahl's Validation from Bella and Daniel

Wendy Marie Wahl's Validation from Bella and Daniel

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 7
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Clockwise from left: Bella, the card from Chewy, Daniël and Bella, a Perfect Heart, the roses

For all of you Mama’s & everyone who believes in signs from our departed loved ones. As you all know Daniël Thomas Perry Jr.’s beloved kitty Bella went be with him on the other side on July 2nd. It has been so darn quiet without our Bella.

I was sitting in our kitchen this afternoon, missing Bella, chatting about it with Peter.

While I was talking about Bella, UPS pulled up to deliver a large box; full of amazing roses!!! I pulled out the enclosed card it was from!!! I was pretty shocked about such a kind gesture from a pet company.  Coincidence? The timing was perfect almost to the second. I asked out loud if this could be a sign from Daniel and Bella?

I proceeded putting the roses in the vase that it was shipped with and needed my hand snippers from outside: As I leaned down to open the door to get them, there right in front of my very eyes was a Perfect Heart on the tile! It was all orchestrated with divine timing!!! Wow!! This made my day.

Thank you Chewy for the part you played in this story of my life, Daniel’s and his beloved Bella’s journey too.

~Wendy Marie Wahl

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