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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Deborah Connors' Validation from her son, Jimi, with Alain Portner

Deborah Connors' Validation from her son, Jimi, with Alain Portner

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 16
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

No matter how much you believe, and how many signs you receive, it will always be a blessing and a privilege to ‘hear’ a message from your child! Alaine Portner did gallery readings on June 13th and my son snuck in with someone I loved and lost long ago.  Benjamin was my fiancé in my younger years and one of the most influential people in my life. She said I am surrounded by strong male energies who are giving me strength and telling me it’s time to take care of myself and it’s supposed to be MY time. That can be a little difficult since my retirement plans included traveling with my son two years ago, but he makes it clear that he is here, no matter where I am.


I think we all feel like we didn’t do enough, especially when your child was sick and you were responsible for them. Having your child apologize for his challenges and thank you for your love and support really does release some of that guilt we carry. Hearing your child assure you that they no longer suffer and are better than they have ever been makes your heart soar, even tho you miss them!  He was sick a long time and his last two years were rough.  I know my son thanks me for being strong, but to me, he handled more than anyone should have had to and he’s been my strength even if he didn’t know. 


She asked about a special necklace and I do have one for him that I always wear. I did just get two new crystal necklaces from friends two weeks ago. Jimi said he felt lighter - he always used that word - than he ever had while here and wants me to feel the same because I have wings, too!  He was sick a long time and his last two years were rough. I didn’t say that I got my first tattoo a month ago and it’s a baby elephant with wings floating away from its mommy. I don’t think it’s finished yet and may evolve with me :)


The last message was about having bugs around me. The 12th was my birthday, and I sat at our lake to talk with him.  I just found a picture of him with a little stuffed wolf he bought in Tennessee because he missed his dog, so I brought it with me and took a few photos. When I got home, I had several bug bites even tho I hadn’t felt it happen and I rarely get bit!!  She said he was laughing and said that he was ‘bugging me’ !!  He would do that over hugging me! And once again I am thankful for that moment given by the wonderful people who donate their time to bring a little peace and hope, and sometimes a little laughter, to an otherwise heavy heart that is trying to adjust. Thank you for those moments with Alaine.

~Jimi’s mom, Deborah

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