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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Helping Fathers Heal at LC Classics with Fara Gibson on March 12th!

Helping Fathers Heal at LC Classics with Fara Gibson on March 12th!

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 23
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

On March 12th, the Dads of Helping Parents Heal received a very special treat.  Not only were they able to meet at LC Classics in Tempe, which specializes in custom Corvettes, but they also were able to spend time receiving readings from a very special surprise guest; Fara Gibson

Rick Wilcoxson wrote about this uplifting experience: 

Early Sunday morning, I walked into the back yard and could sense spring in the air. The sun glistened through the spray of the sprinklers and sparkled on the welcoming grass. The air was cool with a slight breeze carrying sweet fragrances from multiple blooms around the yard.

I told Lisa, then the guys later, that the air was so crisp and fresh that I just wanted to close my eyes and breath in as much as I could. I did so, one after another.

I then enjoyed the drive across town with the window down, but my destination reminded me of a time when deep breaths weren’t just for absorbing spring. I recalled ten years ago when we were being told to “just remember to breathe”. 

Our youngest son had passed and we struggled just to wake up and face the days. It feels like forever ago and just yesterday.

This particular morning, I was going to the first “in person” meeting of Helping Fathers Heal (HFH) Phoenix. I am thankful for Jeff Hollahan and Mike Danks for arranging the meeting at Mike’s classic car company showroom.

Zoom has been a blessing since Covid and the video conferences have introduced me to some wonderful people, but, the “in person” meetings help on a much higher level. It was great to see, shake hands, and hug some actually bodies which are connected to familiar faces from the Wednesday night computer screen. It was good too, to meet up with some of the men who we’ve known since “in person” meetings were the only meetings available.

The venue was perfect, surrounded with real three dimensional, high performance, four wheeled art. This was a perfect icebreaker and conversations were easy. As far as I know though, no one drove home in a new car.

The dad’s meeting has been very helpful by providing a space where guys can be guys and share their grief (or not) in a way that we are able, albeit different than our lovely counterparts.

Unlike Zoom meetings, we had time and opportunity for one on one conversations which allow us to get to know each other better.

Most of us were surprised and we were all grateful for special guest, Fara Gibson, who generously came out and did readings for all nine dads! Some of the guys even raved about their connections.

Spring is about new beginnings and this was a terrific first meeting.

I felt the essence of Helping Parents Heal (HPH) and HFH which has always been about connections. Connecting with other parents who are going through the same journey has been invaluable to us and our friends. Connecting to our children in their new form has allowed so many to live again. Sharing our connections with each other helps get us to a point where we can hold the highest values for simple pleasures again, like a fresh spring morning. We can love to live again.

I am saddened that anyone qualifies for this group but for those who do, I hope to see even more guys at the next meeting and to keep this support going strong.

~Rick Wilcoxson

All of the Dads received wonderful messages from their children, as Fara spent over 20 minutes with each person who attended.  Ernie Jackson, a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal, describes the reading from Fara below:

Us fellas had an appointment to meet at LC Classics, hosted by Mike Danks who is the owner.  What could be better than spending a morning with the guys and ogling some incredibly beautiful cars on display.  Little did any of us know, Fara Gibson would be there as a surprise guest. 

For my part, this was the second time in possibly as long as eight years, sitting in a group watching Fara do her thing.  As I watched and listened, I remembered the first time being in her presence.  You see, Fara has an amazing good connection to our transitioned loved ones on the other side, and she knows it.  She is so confident of the information she is receiving that she will stand in it and not back down if any of us do not remember.  Moreover, she will gently and maybe sometimes not so gently, keeping sharing the information with the intended person until usually, they remember or validate it.  I am gonna own how us fellas can be, sometimes we can be a bit slow (I know I am often intentionally and or unintentionally oblivious to what is going on around me).

My refrain is the same; we are fast approaching 14 years since Quinton transitioned and I have quite intentionally gone quiet on social media.  Even worse, I am back in the world, trying to build retirement savings and am busier than I have ever been resulting with sadly not participating in many HPH events.  In a many of speaking, I have been invisible.  And with all that said, Quinton brought Fara to me first.  She kept looking directly at me, talking about a boy and a black, long haired dog.  I looked behind me, wondering if she was talking with the gentleman behind me.  Fara stopped and said, no, I am coming to you and asked if a boy with a long-haired black dog has any meaning for me.  Well, I smiled inwardly and outwardly.  After being so public for so long, publishing two books and speaking with literally hundreds of spiritual beings over dozens of presentations and meetings…  this was new!  I had never shared about the long haired black collie, named Shadow, anywhere nor with anybody.  Quinton was there this Sunday!  Naturally, there is more to the story, maybe I will save it for another day.

~Ernie Jackson
Quinton Jackson and Andy Colucci two of the kids who showed up for their fathers on March 12th! 

And finally, after being a part of our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference last August, Joe Colucci attended the Dads meeting with Fara.  His son Andy came through to Fara, and Joe said that Morgan was funny as hell too…..he enjoyed all the other children talking to their dads just as much!

From Joe:

I was invited to a Helping Fathers Heal event on March 12, 2023 by Jeff Hollahan. Jeff said, “don’t ask any questions, just show up, there will be a special guest that you met at the 2022 Wild Horse Pass convention. Well, I am standing outside and Fara Gibson drives up, see’s me and says hey, it’s my pizza friend connection! At the convention, which was packed, my friend (Mark Ireland) and I could not find food. Fara walked up with 5 boxes of pizza, gave us 3…..still don’t understand how she got pizza?

There were nine fathers on this Sunday, and Fara started talking to us… at a time in a group. When my son Andy transitioned, my other son, Andy’s brother Michael, and I started a tradition of on his earth birthday, we would order pizza and watch really silly movies and laugh. Never told Fara this…..Andy’s birthday was a week before this HFH event, March 5th. Fara starts off with, “the 2 of you were celebrating Andy’s birthday, but he is telling me you switched up the movie, it was a really dumb movie you picked out, LOL.” It was, and when the movie was over Michael said, “well that was a dumb movie.” We knew Andy was with us, but this validated it. Next Fara went into detail about when Andy passed, and what happened, which I already knew, but no way she would have known.  Fara also said he was showing her a shiny coin….Andy’s best friend was Mike Coyne, who went on all our family vacations with us, he was like another son. Mike passed about 6 years before Andy, but he wanted me to  know he has been hanging out with Mike and he was with him while talking to Fara. I have had readings before, and this was spot on…..and Fara pointed out that the pizza that night at Wild horse was not a coincidence either, which I never thought of until she just mentioned it.  The best part of that Sunday was watching Fara talk to a man who never had his son come through before, and man did he that day……everyone that day had an amazing talk with their children, all upbeat and happy…..and now this is normal for me…. signs everywhere……just have to be open to them….Thank you Jeff, Thank you Mark, thank you Fara…..and a special thanks to Andy!!!!

~Joe Colucci

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