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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Judi Cianciotto's Two Validations with her son Nicholas through Lisa Wilcoxson and Pauline Mason

Judi Cianciotto's Two Validations with her son Nicholas through Lisa Wilcoxson and Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Sep
    • 6
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Lisa Wilcoxson, Nicholas and Sunny, Pauline Mason and her puppy
I wanted to share some beautiful validations from my readings with Lisa Wilcoxson on Aug 31 and Pauline Mason on Sep 5!
Both readings were spot on. Lisa on Aug 31 asked about painting and being involved in Church. My husband actually painted the inside of our church and we also as a family helped to remove wallpaper. She mentioned a ladder and being careful--just this passed weekend my brother n law fell off a ladder and was seriously injured. He is doing ok now. She mentioned an Uncle David-my Uncle David passed away and did not have any immediate family so I would visit him until he crossed in rehab. She told me to tell my husband that Nicholas was with our dog. My son Nicholas passed in Jan 2013 and his dog passed May 2013. We were told in January by John Edward that the dog was going to pass but we did not believe that to be true. I guess he needed his buddy to be with him. See pic below of Nicholas and Sunny. She said Nicholas mentioned a stack of books--30 minutes before the zoom I was stacking books in my younger sons room as he just moved to college. She mentioned football jersey and the letter M. Nicholas played for our school-Mount Olive and my younger son (Anthony) asked for his jersey. She asked if I went to New Mexico and of course I did ! She asked about an anniversary and it is my 30th wedding anniversary! 
Pauline Mason on Sep 5 asked about a young man, slim, fit, athletic and loved swimming who died in a fatal accident . She asked if he jumped in ? Nicholas's friend fell through the ice and I am sure Nicholas did not think it would be a problem " to jump in " to pull him out because he was such a strong swimmer but they both did not make it. The police informed us that Nicholas's belongings were placed on the side but his friends were in the water so that is how we know he tried helping. Everything else she mentioned was 100pct correct --pranks, garden memorial, special music on the radio, and a large gathering.  Lisa also received a reading from Pauline and I felt the similarities were amazing. For 100pct sure our boys were together on this day and maybe explained why I received two readings within the same week. One from Lisa and one from Pauline who then read Lisa! 
My hope is that every parent can take the time to heal and feel in time that their children are still with them and that our kids are not alone. They are together and with us and we will be reunited. Thank you so much to Helping Parents Heal for reinforcing my own beliefs . Love never dies!
Love and Peace, Judi Cianciotto Please watch Lisa's Youtube by clicking here, and Pauline's YouTube by clicking here.

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