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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Karolina Barac's Validation from Olivia through Drew Cali

Karolina Barac's Validation from Olivia through Drew Cali

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 23
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
How awesome is Drew? I love his raw honesty and how relatable he comes across. I tuned into the Zoom meeting for his presentation as I was ironing, just to listen in with no expectations. The first child he mentioned was a young lady about 15 year of age with brown hair and a sassy personality and my ears pricked up.. could it be her? I put down my iron and started to pay attention.. she was in and out of hospital for years. No one else is claiming this! 
It's got to be OLIVIA ❤️
Drew, was fantastic as he always is: she has an older sister, a younger brother, dad's not there - cos he's always always working! Her passing was sudden but she did spend 2 days in hospital as they tried to save her. 
He mentioned 'the dirty blond' that's what she used to call me! He mentioned I write, which I do, to her most nights but yes some nights im forcing myself, hoping for some kind of miracle answer.. this was my answer! He mentioned my work in mediumship and finding connection and a lecture: yes yes and yes! I've done my Reiki Master level, advance Akashic Records Cert, Holistic Counselling, and soon to complete a Kinesiology diploma and lots lots ongoing mediumship training. He mentioned my meditation, which I do two, one for my reiki and one for Olivia - what amazing validation that she tunes in for our 'dates'. I held a lecture 2 nights ago on soul energy and vibrational frequency for healing, he said Oli was there and is proud of my work, what more can I ask for? My heart is so pleased. 
But there's more!! He mentioned an engagement ring.. I gave Oli mine as we got engaged when I fell pregnant with her. Have been talking about getting a replacement and joked with my eldest she'll get this next ring. Through Drew, Olivia agreed! She also said she's my Angel like the ring I have with the wings - her sister purchased this ring for me AFTER Olivia crossed over!!
The little details like the date of the 20th she wanted to acknowledge is her dad's upcoming birthday, the little white dog is Peppa her little Jack Russell, the father figure Drew kept bringing up that is with her I'm sure is my husband's grandfather who raised him, the J name I couldn't remember is her friend 'Jasmin' who went to a party with her sister last weekend - I'm sure Oli was there with them dancing the night away!
Olivia was and remains a force to be reckoned with, funny, sassy, cheeky, too big for her boots personality! The accident was stupid, but Drew was right, she was tired, exhausted with this world and her soul knew more than I wanted to admit. She changed everything, no one will ever be the same, our family is broken, the house is too quiet. But a mother knows her babies and I know with no doubt in my heart, Olivia, never left. She is always around those that love her. 
Thank you Elizabeth, Irene and Drew. Thank you Oli Lolli for coming through ❤️ 
~Kindest Regards, Karol 
Please watch Drew's YouTube video by clicking here.  

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