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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Lisa Wilcoxson Brings through Sayuri Bubbs to Mary-Anne Wills

Lisa Wilcoxson Brings through Sayuri Bubbs to Mary-Anne Wills

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Sayuri Bubbs came through in a group reading last week with Lisa Wilcoxson, it was so very amazing.  I didn’t expect it, just thought ill listen to the readings, and lo and behold, she came through first!!  

Lisa said, “ I see a young girl, gorgeous, with a gardenia on her head, she’s coming through kind of dancing, her hair is done up and her Mom is definitely here and she has a picture of her daughter with the gardenia on her head around 15, and I was so so shocked as I have this EXACT picture on a table across from my bed and I look at it every day!!  Sayuri Bubbs, around 15, smiling, gorgeous, with her hair done up and a gardenia on her head!!!! OMG this was the best reading I have ever had so far, and it was so so true!!  

She also mentioned her father, and his drinking, which is so true,  and her concern, and most of all she mentioned a tree, and something hanging on it, and this bowled me over, as this is how she transitioned, sadly.  She told me not to dwell on it, but the seasons change, and winter becomes Spring, then Summer, and the flowers bloom and think of the beauty of everything.  

At the end, she took the flower off her head and handed it over to me saying “here mother, this is for you”.  However, strangely at the time of the reading I didn’t hear this.  

Later on, I used the pendulum and the board and asked Bubbs for a message.  She said, Mom, take the flower and put in on your head.  I was very confused, as I didn’t hear the last past of the message of Lisa.  So I thought, well I cant believe everything this pendulum says, and just left it at that.  

The next day, I thought of listening to the recorded message of the readings, and amazingly heard Lisa say, the above mentioned, that she took the flower off her head and gave it to me.  OMG what a revelation!! Then it made sense, as to what she said, as to “Mom, take the flower and put it on your head”.  What an awesome validation!!  

I believe Lisa is one of the best, and so so thankful to her for this, as it gives me so much hope about the afterlife and its truth, an so  thankful to HPH for all this amazing support you give us to go through this very painful an grueling journey, although mysterious and beautiful in its own strange way…  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mary-Anne  

Please watch Lisa Wilcoxson's Gallery Reading on February 28th by clicking here.

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