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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Marlene Perlove's Validation with Christine Salter

Marlene Perlove's Validation with Christine Salter

  • Posted
    • Sep
    • 14
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

Above Pictures:  Allison and Adeline, Marlene's beautiful Daughter and Granddaughter, Christine Salter.

My name is Marlene and I lost my beautiful daughter, Allison on February 13, 2019, after a two-year battle with breast cancer. In the months since Allison passed, I felt myself becoming more and more anxious, depressed and consumed by grief.  I felt like I had hit a wall; there was nowhere to go and no one who could help me. I was scared and feeling desperate when a friend told me about the group, HPH.  I reached out to Elizabeth and that very same day I received a message back from Elizabeth. After that Elizabeth called me and I remember thinking this is the lifeline I desperately needed. We talked; Elizabeth with all her compassion, wisdom, empathy and knowledge provided me with the hope that I can survive this devastating and painful grief. It felt like I was being hugged by the kindest woman in the universe. Elizabeth knew this pain times two; as she lost her amazing and beautiful son Morgan’s and daughter Chelsea.  Even with this unimaginable loss, her heart was full of love, gratitude, and hope. 
I attended the HPH meeting in August where Elizabeth and the wonderful LeAnn Hull each gave a powerful and inspirational speech about life, loss, and hope.  I left that meeting feeling that although life is not fair, maybe, just maybe it is still good. I decided that day to choose life and find joy even though my heart was broken.
This past Sunday HPH had their monthly meeting and at this meeting, they had Christine Salter, a Psychic Medium. I had no previous experience with Mediums and so I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and hopeful and maybe just a bit guarded. 
My experience that day with Christine was amazing. Christine brought me messages and validation that my daughter Allison is very much here with me. These are the things she wanted me to know; through Christine, Allison let me know that she was proud of me and that she appreciated everything I did for her. The things Christine told me she could not have known since I have never met her before. She told me that Allison had long dark hair with curls and that her hair was a big deal, which it was because Allison spent a lot of money and time to get straight hair with the help of her flat iron and lots of product. Christine told me that Allison had a long illness and that she fought hard until the very last moment. My daughter had breast cancer; she battled it for two years as it invaded every major organ in her beautiful 29-year-old body. Christine knew that I took care of my daughter almost around the clock when she became too weak to care for herself. Being a retired nurse I worked alongside the RN’s to provide Allison with comfort and dignity.  
Christine knew of specific details, such as how I massaged my daughter’s feet.  Every day after bathing her I massaged my daughter with lotion and I especially spent time on her feet remembering how Allison enjoyed a good pedicure when she was well. Christine said that she felt something was happening that involved a baby or the importance of being a grandmother. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer four months after giving birth to her first child, a daughter named Adeline. I along with my husband are helping our son in law take care of this sweet little girl who just turned three. Christine knew that Allison loved Sunflowers and Butterflies. The Sunflowers were in the yard of the vacation home we rented on the beach.  It was our last trip before Allison passed. The butterflies were where my daughter enjoyed taking her daughter to the butterfly garden. She knew there was a scent that is a very special reminder of Allison; coconut creme that I now use on Adeline’s hair that her mommy gave me for her. All these validations and messages changed everything for me.  Maybe I’m not alone.  Maybe it’s different than it was but it is still beautiful.  Christine told me that my daughter is everywhere and she is watching me and she wants me to be happy and live my best life. And now I am going to try to do just that.  
This turned out to be the best day I’ve had since losing Allison. I felt connected in a way I did not know was possible.
Thank you, Christine, thank you Elizabeth, thank you HPH and thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful parents I have met at HPH who are traveling their own personal journey of loss and love. Your kind hearts and gentle souls give me hope that there is a way to navigate through this if we stick together and help each other one day at a time. 
-With gratitude, Marlene Perlove

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