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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Stephanie Pickett's Validation with her daughter Kobi through Mark Anthony

Stephanie Pickett's Validation with her daughter Kobi through Mark Anthony

  • Posted
    • Sep
    • 11
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Clockwise from left: Kobi and Murphy (they are together), Mark Anthony, Kobi stepping stone repair, Kobi and I on my 50th
I am so glad that I joined the group session with Mark Anthony. September 5th would have been my parents' 63rd wedding anniversary; so they were on my mind that evening - and it goes without saying that Kobi is always on my mind!
I experienced a reading with Mark in a live group setting a year after Kobi left her body; and I have his books. So, all these reasons prompted me to join in last week. I had a strong feeling that Kobi would come through.
As Mark began to explain the process he goes through, he used the example word "Paisley''. I typed in the comments that Paisley was the name that our daughter Kobi gave her new Canon Camera.
I love how Mark starts with the Prayer of St. Francis; that has been a powerful prayer in my life - and one my children knew (and I worked at St. Francis Episcopal School). 
Mark mentioned he felt the spirit of a young girl (age 5) and validated many specifics for the parents. 
Then, he mentioned another girl - a little older - and he was seeing stepping stones; or stones being rearranged or re-laid. He repeated he was being shown stepping stones.
I replied that this resonated with me, as I just remade my daughter's stepping stones.
He asked for me to be highlighted.
Mark said he was being shown a corkscrew and a bottle of red wine and the words, "My mom is intense, but she knows how to relax - so she has a glass of red wine. She doesn't have a problem. She is in control, she just likes to relax"
I commented that I had just opened a bottle of red wine and poured me a glass before the zoom started.
Mark saw 2 fish in conjunction. I knew this meant my daughter and daddy.
I replied my daughter is a Pisces and so is my daddy.
Mark saw the man rubbing his cheek; asking if he had a beard? 
I was quick to say "No" - (exactly what Mark advised us NOT to do!) Then, correcting my language and replying that it doesn't resonate yet...
Mark repeated the rubbing the cheek - 
I responded that daddy shaved every day
(I realize this could apply to most any man...)
Then Mark was shown sunflowers. Does that mean anything?
I started crying - overwhelmed!
Yes, Kobi had sunflowers on her desk in her bedroom and I have one of them in my bathroom. Also, her friend, who is a photographer, sent us a framed photo of a sunflower field that is hanging on our living room wall!
Mark said that she wants us to be happy when we see them.
Then, Mark said I am hearing the name Sadie. Does that mean anything?
Yes! My neighbor is named Sadie.
He said that it is a verifiable explanatory fact that my daughter is present and part of our life! Mark said to say "Hello" to Sadie. 
Then, Mark moved on to scent - "Did you clean - I am smelling Pinesol." 
I had cleaned but with vinegar and water - this was a bridge to another participant.
He ended my part with the words: know that your daughter is with your daddy.
I wish I hadn't been so quick to respond - my brain jumped ahead and I wish I had given him time to give more - I was so overwhelmed and excited; and wanted so badly for the conversation to continue for we all would love - 
I always feel a connection with Kobi; she is by my side always present. So many signs - so I continue to write my story to publish and share it with others. 
Our dog’s is named Murphy, a Keeshond.
Kobi passed on 1/11/15 at age 15 1/2.
Murphy passed on 11/1/18 at age 15 1/2.
Needless to say, the number 1111 is significant to us…
Thank you Elizabeth again for the opportunity to bring our loved ones closer through others!
~Kobi's Mom, Stephanie Pickett
Please watch the YouTube Video by clicking here.

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